download facebook home for android

Download Facebook Home for Android Free

A few days ago, the Facebook Home was officially announced together with the first smartphone to have the said UI, the HTC First. The Facebook Home is basically an app that will change your phone’s homescreen and core features, similar to what a Launcher is doing to your phone. Aside from HTC First, the Facebook Home will be first available in some HTC and Samsung smartphones. See more details below.


UPDATE: Facebook Home is now available on Google Play. You can download it here.
download facebook home for android

The Facebook Home app will not be available for all Android devices yet, since the company needs to make the said app compatible in as many devices as possible. FB still hasn’t made the app compatible to most of the popular devices out there.

Initially, users of Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2, HTC One X and HTC One will be the first to one to be able to download and experience the Facebook Home app. Unfortunately Nexus 4 users won’t be able to enjoy this app anytime soon. I’m sure, entry level Android phone users like the Galaxy Y and others are also eager to try this app.

As for Android tablet users, the app will be made available in several months from now. According to Facebook, tablet experience was not done yet. Perhaps they are still in the process of developing or further optimizing the app for Android tablets.

Some iPhone users might ask, “will there be a Facebook Home for iPhone soon?”. There’s no news about Facebook Home for iPhones. FB has specifically choose Android as their platform simply because “it’s so open”, according to Mark Zuckerberg. They also believe that many users will try the Facebook Home app once they have made it available to most of the Android users. In fact, because of the FB Home app, some iPhone users might consider switching to Android phone instead (specially those who are FB heaver users).

Where to Download Facebook Home?

The Facebook Home app will be available starting on April 12, 2013 in the Play Store. I’ll update this post and place the link here once the Facebook Home app is ready to download for the select HTC and Samsung units mentioned above. So stay tune!

UPDATE: It’s now available on Google Play. You can download it here.



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