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Flipboard, Inc. has officially announced that Flipboard will also be available for Android users as well. According to the company, Flipboard will be available in the coming months on selected Android mobile phones. Yehey, for Android users. I’m sure there are a lot of Android users who are looking for app like Flipboard for Android or for their Android tablets. They initially did not specify as to when and what phones will they be supporting but I’m pretty sure that popular Android tablets and smartphones will be supported. Meanwhile an XDA-developers member shared a Flipboard apk which is exclusive for Samsung Galaxy S III only. You can see the download link at the end of this article. Meanwhile for those who are not familiar with this app, let me give you a little trivia.


What is Flipboard?

Flipboard is an application software that collects content from social media sites like ABC News, All Things Digital, Bon Appetit and more, and turns it into a magazine format instead of the conventional page you see in a web browser. Initially this app was designed for iPads. But last May 5 Flipboard for Android was announced. It gives the user a unique and different experience when viewing contents from Flipboard-enabled sites, in such a way the user can “flip” the page to view the contents from one page to another. It lets you read the page/site like a magazine.

Like I said earlier, Flipboard for Android is initially available for Samsung Galaxy S III only. I’m not sure if the Flipboard apk will work on Samsung Galaxy S II with ICS update. Anyway, you can download Flipboard for Android for Samsung Galaxy S III here.



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