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Gameloft, one of the top developers in Google Play, has recently released a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, MOBA for short, game for mobile devices called Heroes of Order and Chaos. Does the title sounds familiar to you? That’s because this game is based on the MMORPG Order and Chaos Online for Android. Heroes of Order and Chaos is like the DOTA of WoW for Android. You can download Heroes of Order and Chaor for Android free below.


System Requirements

Heroes of Order and Chaos for Android requires an Android operating system of 2.3 and up and will occupy a minimum storage capacity of 811MB. Also, to enjoy this game, your phone must have a GPU and a good CPU. Otherwise, without a GPU the game will not run on your Android device.

Official Description

Team up to fight in the first Multiplayer Online Battle Arena for mobile devices

Team up and fight with your friends in the first Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) for mobile devices! Gather your teammates, strengthen your Heroes and wipe out the enemy base in thrilling, addictive and fast-paced games.
In Sinskaald Rift, a mysterious region of Haradon, immortal warriors have been fighting for centuries. They are known as the Heroes of Order & Chaos!

An exceptionally rich and addictive game

  • Choose between 30 unique and varied Heroes, from melee bruisers to devastating wizards
  • Play for free with different characters, enjoying a changing rotation of free Heroes
  • Develop and upgrade your skills and equipment throughout the game to overpower your foes and carry the game!
  • Real-time action: roam over the map and lure your opponents to ambush them in the fog of war

An immersive experience with friends or on your own

  • Fight solo or in multiplayer mode on two types of maps (3v3 or 5v5)
  • Blend cooperation with buddies and competition against the opposing team into addictive games
  • Develop team play and strategies to rule the world of Haradon

After the critically acclaimed MMORPG “”Order & Chaos Online””, discover this amazing free-to-play strategy game.
MOBA games are the perfect mix of RPG and RTS joined in multiplayer PVP! Enter the Heroes of Order & Chaos league and become legends!

Download Heroes of Order and Chaos

You can download Heroes of Order and Chaos for Android for free here.



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  1. i found out that when i tried to play on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, not only server lagging, also the game were lagging, any solutions for that?

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