eleven2 black friday deals

Eleven2 Black Friday Deals 2013 Up to 75% Off Web Hosting Using a Special Black Friday Coupon

Eleven2 Web Hosting recently announced its Black Friday deals where they are offering up to 75% off from shared and reseller hosting and 65% off on their VPS servers. But there is a catch, because there will only be a limited number of people who can take advantage of the 50% to 75% discount on their web hosting plans. Also to avail the said discount, users must use s unique Eleven2 Black Friday coupon which will be revealed starting on November 29 8am CST. Check out more details below on how you can avail the said promotion.


eleven2 black friday deals

Eleven2 Black Friday deals sounds too good to be true right? I mean 75% off the price is just an insanely huge discount. The catch is that there will only be 5 available slots who can take advantage of the 75% off from their shared or reseller hosting, 10 slots for the 60% off and only 20 slots for the 50% off. This is a first come first serve basis. So you must go directly to Eleven2 Black Friday page here, bookmark it, and wait for the coupon to be revealed by November 9, 8am CST.

If you want to take advantage of the 75% off deal, I would suggest that at least an hours or 30 minutes before the special Black Friday coupon is revealed, you are already in Eleven2’s page and you have already selected or pre-configured the plan you want. So that you can immediately key in the special Eleven2 Black Friday coupon once they are revealed on this page here. Now for those who didn’t make it and ran out of slots, the rest will have to be satisfied with the 40% off discount. 40% discount is better than nothing at all.

eleven2 black friday coupon codes

Meanwhile, for those who have already outgrown a regular shared hosting and needs a more powerful VPS server, you can avail 65% off the price by using a different coupon. There are unlimited slots so no need to hurry. Just be sure to signup during Black Friday as Eleven2 might close these deals soon. First 5 orders of each tier will also receive a free limited edition Black Friday Eleven2 T-shirt for customers who are based in the USA.

An Eleven2 S-200 shared hosting includes 250GB storage space, 20,000GB monthly bandwidth, unlimited domains and free instant setup and site migrations. There are also an S-100 (basic), S-300 (popular choice) and S-400 hosting plans.

For Eleven2 reseller hosting, they have the R-200 Reseller plan which includes 100GB storage, 1,000GB monthly bandwidth, free IP address, free ClientExec or WHMCS and more. There are also an R-100 (basic), R-300 and R-400 plans.

For their VPS servers, Eleven2 has VS-100 VPS server that features 1GB memory, 120GB storage and 1TB monthly bandwidth, fully managed, scalable, uses E-series Intel Server processors, SSD caching and many more. IF you need more resources, they have VS-200 and VS-300 servers as well.

Once again, if you want to take advantage of Eleven2 Black Friday deals, you must use the special coupon which will be revealed on this page, on November 29 8am CST. Good luck!



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