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Fairy Tail 287 – Real Family

Fairy Tail Chapter 287 is entitled “Real Family”

Fairy Tail 287 is the next chapter in Fairy Tail manga series. In this chapter Laxus will face his old man and the Raven Tail in the arena, unseen by the spectators. Fairy Tail 287 spoiler is not yet available. Most probably Fairy Tail chapter 287 spoiler or raw scans will be available by Friday, since the Fairy Tail chapter 287 will most probably be released by Saturday.


UPDATE: Fairy Tail 287 is now available. You can now begin reading this chapter by clicking the image below.

During the previous chapter, Laxus faces Alexie who turns out to be his father. Surprisingly, his father a.k.a Alexei cast a spell where the spectators thought that Laxus was actually beaten off by Alexei. The whole audience, including the Fairy Tail, could not see what was really happening.

They don’t know that Laxus is really in danger. He is going to fight all of Raven Tail’s members, including his father. I know that Laxus is strong but can he handle all of the Raven Tail? Laxus is clearly in deep trouble now. And what could possibly be Raven Tail’s real objective?

Let’s find out on Fairy Tail 287. Can’t wait for that chapter to be released. I’m also watching Fairy Tail anime series and can’t wait for this saga to be in anime form too. I’ll update this post once Fairy Tail 287 spoiler or raw scans are available or when Fairy Tail chapter 287 is released.

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  1. thanks! :)) i really want to see mystogan/jellal fighting :DD

    1. whatswithjeff Avatar

      Me too! ^_^

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