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Fairy Tail 288: Wendy vs Shelia

Fairy Tail 288 is up next is now available! In this chapter, Wendy will have to fight Shelia in order to win this round. Can she win against Shelia? This will be revealed on Fairy Tail chapter 288. Spoilers are not yet available as of the moment. Usually its 24 hours before the chapter’s release date. Meanwhile…


UPDATE 2: Fairy Tail chapter 288 is now available. You can begin reading this chapter on popular manga sites.
UPDATE 1: Fairy Tail 288 Raw is now available. This means the translated (English) chapter is just around the corner. Hopefully by tomorrow morning or afternoon. Stay tuned!

In the previous chapter, Laxus single-handedly defeated Ravens Tail, including his father. They were no match for Laxus. And Laxus did not even break a sweet. I think Ravens Tail’s mistake was there were no fighter that is specialized on Laxus weakness.

But Laxus’ father did warn him about Fairy Tail’s greatest secret, the Lumen Etoile (Star of Light). I’m not familiar with Lumen Etoile though. Perhaps the one could answer this would be Fairy Tail’s master himself, Makarov. But I think this has got something to do with the Dragons and why they went missing on 777. There is also a possibility that Zeref could somehow be connected with Lumen Etoile. But we do not know that for sure. For now Fairy Tail fans are just speculating on what Lumen Etoile really is. Moving on…

After Laxus’ fight, it’s Wendy’s turn. And she will be fighting Shelia. But wait! Even though Shelia looks clumsy (like Wendy) and doesn’t look like she’s the powerful type, it seems that Sheila is hiding something. How powerful could Shelia be? This will also be revealed on Fairy Tail chapter 288.

My prediction: If Shelia is really that powerful, there might be a chance that Wendy would be defeated. Unless Wendy would also release the power of the Dragon Slayer from within her.

And lastly, we saw Mystogan (Jelal) sensed something bad in the last page of the chapter. Could it really be Zeref? And will we see Mystogan (Jelal) fight next?

Fairy Tail 288 will be released by Saturday (hopefully). I’ll update this post once Fairy Tail 288 is available, or Fairy Tail 288 spoiler is up. Be sure to come back!



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