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Fairy Tail 327: Now It’s My Responsibility (Released)

Fairy Tail 327 is the next chapter which is expected to be released by second week of April 2013. Fairy Tail chapter 327 is entitled “My Part Too” “Now It’s My responsibility”. In this chapter we will see what happened to Lucy, why she suddenly changed and decided to close the gate at once. We’ll also find out what will happen to Natsu after being attacked by Rogue’s White Shadow Dragon attack. Will Natsu escape and will Lucy close the gate? Find out in Fairy Tail chapter 327: My Part Too.


UPDATE: Fairy Tail chapter 327 was recently released. This chapter is entitled “Now It’s My Responsibility”. You it’s now the real canon. Then were is the real canon then? Don;t forget, Lucy is master of portals and gateways.

fairy tail 327Image credit: Original artist Hiro Mashima, colored by Deviant artist NeKoRikaChan


Fairy Tail 327 Prediction

In the last chapter, we saw the power of Rogue’s White Shadow Dragon power. According to Rogue, he stole Sting’s power and fused it with his dark and evil Shadow power. It you look at it, both Sting and Rogue are not really bad. But Rogue has a dark Shadow. Remember Rogue vs Gadjeel’s fight? Rogue was possessed by his Dark Shadow. Good thing Gajeel was able to beat the “evil” Rogue. But the dark evil shadow was able to escape. Probably the Rogue from future is the result of that.

Natsu is no match from the future Rogue. Luck for him, Ultear and Meldy appeared and stopped Rogue, but Rogue got away. Perhaps Rogue is heading where Lucy is and try to stop her. However Natsu is slowly being taken by the Rogue’s shadow. I’m sure Natsu will escape this somehow. Ultear might probably use her magic and reverse the effect of the shadow. Or Natsu will be completely taken by the shadows and from the inside he will overcome or “eat” the shadows and perhaps resulting in a Shadow Fire or Fire Shadow Dragon.

Going back to Lucy, obviously after seeing the gate opened, she was suddenly not herself. Look at her eyes, as if she was hypnotized or something. I’m pretty sure there is something inside the gate or Lucy saw something from the inside that’s why she acted that way.

Remember, Lucy can open doors to another world. She was also used before to open a gate or something. I forgot the series or title of that saga. Basically when it comes to gates and other dimensions, Lucy is definitely connected with it.

There are two possible things that will happen, first is that Rogue will appear and stop Lucy or Lucy did close the gate and things really happened and 10,000 dragons started to appear. Anyway, next chapter is a chapter you would not want to miss.

Fairy Tail 327 Spoiler

Fairy Tail 327 spoiler will be posted in this section if ever a confirmed spoiler gets leaks out. But anyway, who reads spoilers nowadays? A chapter is going to be released a few hours anyway after a spoiler is released.

I’ll update this post once Fairy Tail 327 is released. So stay tuned!



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