firehost review secure cloud hosting solution

Firehost Review: It is Worth the Money?

One of the names to beat in the cloud hosting industry is Firehost, due to its best cloud hosting service. A majority of clients claim that it offers secured cloud hosting solutions, thereby making it trusted by both small and large businesses. If you are currently looking for a cloud service provider or cloud hosting company that can handle all your hosting needs, Firehost is the one you can count on. But before availing any of its services, you have to read this Firehost review first.


firehost review secure cloud hosting solution

What does Firehost Offer?

The cloud hosting service of Firehost offers high performance and scalability, so you can have the best cloud computing experience ever. You can also freely choose the RAM and CPU usage you need—with an unlimited RAM amount and servers that are powered by 8-core CPUs—depending on your preferences and needs. This flexibility will allow you to choose the right plan that will perfectly suit your budget and needs.

When it comes to the disk space, you don’t have anything to worry about because you can have as much storage space as you need without spending big bucks on the cloud storage solution. SSD storage support is also a great plus because it enables the servers to operate at a faster speed. This is one of the things that set Firehost apart from the other cloud hosting service providers available today.

Firehost also offers an enterprise-level security. The unlimited firewall zones and VMware support enable companies to utilize the cloud hosting solution to host virtualization environments and apps; combined with the performance of the server, the applications are limitless. Anything from basic scripts to featured desktop interface can be successfully run and accessed.

Another great thing about Firehost is that it complies with several cloud hosting standards. Apart from PCI 2.0 support, the cloud hosting solution of this company is also well-matched with the standards of the HIPAA information security and is geared towards ensuring the long-term continuity of the business. This only implies that the cloud storage solution of Firehost is specially designed to meet the specific needs of various industries. You can select from 3 various server locations, which include London if you wish to cater to European or United Kingdom users.

Now, here comes the sad part. Most clients claim that the biggest drawback of Firehost is its pricing. A basic package with 30 GB disk space, 1 GB RAM and 1-core processor costs a minimum of $200/ month. Also, the charge for late payment is 1.5% interest/month, and no refund policy is offered, so upon purchasing any package, there is no money-back guarantee. Firehost validates the expensive service charge. However, unless you are utilizing most of its features, the cloud hosting solution may appear very uneconomical.

These are just some of the things you need to know about Firehost. In general, this has a good rating in most customer reviews even though it is a bit pricey. This is the reason, why this Firehost review recommends it to those businessmen who are dead serious in making their business grow continually in many years to come.

Visit, and see how their secured cloud solution can help your business today.

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