How To Fix Video Card Artifacts

How you can fix graphics card and video card artifacts

One of our friend shared to us how he was able to fix his ATI HD 4830 which has artifacts. The step he used is unbelievably working. It’s a crazy procedure but many people have tried it and they said yes it works!


Did you now that when you oven your Video Card, it could actually fix the artifacts?! Crazy right? I mean who the heck would through their video card inside an oven and heat it up? This was not his original idea or discovery. But here are the steps on how to fix Video Card Artifacts:
1: Remove Heatsink and thermal paste
2: Preheat oven to 385F to 400F
3: Lay foil over the oven rack
4: Make 4 balls of foil, about 4cm high,
5: When the oven is heated to its current temperature, put the graphics card on the 4 balls, one on each corner
6: Leave for around 6-10 mins, NO MORE THAN 12 OR IT WILL MELT
7: Get the Video Card and test it. Be amazed!

This step IS really crazy but why not try instead of throwing or buying a new video card right?

Here is the link to the source: THE- OVEN TRICK – WORKED

Post some comments of what you think about this step or if you have tried it already. ^_^



3 responses to “How To Fix Video Card Artifacts”

  1. Muhammad Qasim Avatar
    Muhammad Qasim

    Its too crazy. Can you send me a video footage by which help i will be able to do it in a right way. Thanks.

    1. Unfortunately I do not have a video on how to fix video cards artifacts. This article is old also and I have not been updated with artifacts.
      What graphics card are you using?

  2. It works, I just did this on my Geforce go 7900 gtx.

    Heres a Vid I just found,

    BUT I just followed these instructions and instead used a baking sheet.

    My card was having major artifacting issues and windows would blue screen at every boot. I did the oven thing, and BAM… the card worked.. Crazy.

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