Fortinet FG-3600C

Fortinet FortiGate 3600C: The Next Generation Firewall

Fortinet announces the newest addition to its next-generation firewall appliance family, the Fortinet FortiGate 3600C dub as the world’s most intelligent and powerful next generation firewall, which runs FortiOS 5.


Fortinet FG-3600C

Touted as the world’s most intelligent and powerful next generation firewall, FortiGate 3600C delivers consolidated, fully integrated unified threat management for large enterprises and managed service providers. Accelerated security throughput, high port density and ease of management capabilities make it ideal for your most demanding network environments. With numerous accelerated multi-threat security interfaces, you can create multiple security zones for various departments, users, access methods, and even devices to enforce network security at accelerated speeds. An integrated set of essential security technologies protects all of your applications and data.

The FortiGate 3600C next generation firewall, with exceptional performance, deployment flexibility and security features, is designed to protect the most demanding network environments. Purpose-built by Fortinet, the FortiGate-3600C delivers superior performance through a combination of custom hardware, including FortiASICTM processors, high port density, and consolidated security features from the FortiOSTM operating system.

Fortinet FG-3600C Back

Whether protecting your data center and network perimeter or deployed as part of a managed security service, the 30 high speed ports and 60 Gbps of firewall throughput make the FortiGate-3600C next generation firewall ideal for securing high bandwidth networks.

The FortiGate-3600C next generation firewall allows you to deploy the right blend of essential hardware-accelerated security technologies now and in the future to meet your evolving network requirements. These technologies include firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention and application control, all managed from a ‘single pane of glass’ management console. Unlike other next generation firewalls, the FortiGate-3600C also includes additional security technologies such as antimalware, web content filtering and WAN optimization, allowing you to consolidate stand-alone devices. In addition, the FortiGate-3600C can be deployed as an enterprise class wireless controller and endpoint security manager.

The FortiGate 3600C is available locally via MSI-ECS Philippines, Inc. You can contact them for more details on how your company can benefit from this next generation firewall.



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