Globe Unli Data Plan vs PLDT MyDSL Plan 1299: Which is faster?

For those who are wondering which has the faster internet connection speed – Globe’s Unli Data Plan or PLDT’s MyDSL Plan (1299), here’s my actual experience on both ISPs. When you get a PLDT MyDSL Plan, it includes a landline phone or a watch pad depending on the type of plan you get. Whereas with Globe Unli Data plan, you get a smartphone instead. The smartphone model depends on the type of plan you get. I got Globe’s Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 via Plan 2499 that includes unli data plan, consumable load and 5 freebies.


Globe Unli Data Plan vs PLDT MyDSL Plan

PLDT MyDSL Plan 1299 Internet Speed

I’m currently on PLDT MyDSL Plan 1299 and has been using it for 4-5 months already. So far so good and connection was stable. I tested PLDT’s connection speed using the popular web based tool Below is the result:

pldt mydsl plan speed test

As you can see the MyDSL Plan 1299 was supposed to have a speed of up to 1Mbps. The values are close to what is promised and is acceptable. When I download files using IDM, the actual download speed is around 100KBps to 120KBps (Kilo Bytes per sec). Now check out my experience with Globe’s unli data plan and be surprised.

Globe Unli Data Plan Internet Speed

A few weeks ago, PLDT was having technical difficulties and I needed to update something. So I tried tethering my phone’s internet connection to my PC via USB cable and was able to access the internet in that method.

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I tested Globe’s Unli Data plan speed using the same, and to my surprise I was hitting almost 7Mbps download speed and 1.09 Mbps upload speed. That’s way faster the PLDT’s MyDSL. Then I tried downloading a large file, 2.88GB to be exact, also using IDM, and to my surprise the download speed was reaching 1MBps (1 Mega Bytes per sec)! I was able to download the 2.88GB file in less than 1 hour, which normally would took me several hours using PLDT MyDSL.

globe data plan speed test

globe unli data plan download speed

Globe Uli Data Plan vs PLDT MyDSL Plan: Conclusion

In my case, it’s undeniable that Globe Unli Data plan has the faster Internet Connection compared to PLDT MyDSL Plan. If you look at the cost, you can actually get a Globe Unli Data plan for only Php 999, and it offers a cheaper Mbps/price ratio than PLDT. If you want something fast from PLDT you will need to get their high speed plan EXCEL 3000 that offers up to 3Mbps connection speed.

From that day forward, I use PLDT for surfing and Globe for downloading. Now here’s the pros and cons for both services:

Globe Unli Data Plan Pros:
Fast Internet Connection Speed
Includes a nice smartphone depending on the plan

Connection speed may vary since you will be relying on 3G/4G wireless network

PLDT MyDSL Plan Pros:
Stable Internet Connection

Sometimes I experience technical difficulties (no connection)

So what do you think guys? Which one will you get?



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