The Great Debate: Consoles vs PC

People have been able to play video games in a wide range of ways since their inception, whether it’s a dedicated system for a single game, a simple LCD handheld, arcade machines, on our phones, on a web browser and more. The two major platforms to play a video game though has been consoles and PCs. These two machines are the essentials for a gamer and each have disadvantages and advantages that the other does not and deciding which to utilize for your games can be a tough choice.

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Gaming has long been a part of what you can do on a PC and it only gets more prominent with time. A huge range of games come out for PC, from both large and independent publishers, so you will never run out of games. It also allows for fan-made and amateur games to be developed, so you could find something you’d never get on console. PCs are powerful, constantly being updated and can easily be customized for better experiences and to allow new possibilities. Stores such as Steam ensure you can find and download games easily and all the peripherals you can get for PC gaming creates new ways to play. Mods for games are also possible on PC, while not for console.

While they may have other features, their primary concern is playing games, so you don’t have to worry about altering the console on a regular basis as games will be made to fit it’s specs . They have a wide range of exclusives and are more popular among most gamers, so you will get more major titles that won’t come out for PC, especially when it comes to Nintendo. Consoles are simple to use, so casual and younger gamers will have no problems playing a game. It’s easy to find stores that sell physical copies of games, the advantages of buying or selling second games being available, with digital versions still being available. A newly released console can be expensive, but will be cheaper than than a gaming PC, especially as you don’t have to worry about updating it.

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Comparing PC and console can simply come down to the games. You can take a game released on both and see which has the advantage over the other. Graphics are a point of contention between PC and console. You can also get a larger variety of options on PC compared to consoles, for example browser based games, which aren’t available on a console, whether independent games or online casino games, such as Lucky Nugget Casino’s roulette. The feel of a game also alters, for example, Street Fighter V had deviations with PC and console versions, as the PS4 has a slighter higher frame delay, which can have a huge effect in a fighting game, making the PC version more optimal.

The rivalry between PC and console can be due to the power of the system or the team of developers responsible for each port. Mortal Kombat X for example was widely regarded for PS4 and Xbox One, the PC port however suffered from many problems that made it difficult to even play. This resulted in NetherRealm’s next game, Injustice 2, not getting a PC version. The online community can make a difference too, with some games having more players. With Dark Souls for example, you will find more notes, summons, invasions and more on PC than PS3.

Both PC and console will still have pros and cons as time moves forward, so the debate between their stalwarts will continue to rage on forever.


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