iOS 7 lockscreen vulnerability bypass

How to Bypass iOS 7 Lockscreen Giving You Access to Photos, Twitter and More

Recently, after the official roll out of the new iOS 7, reports are claiming that there is a security vulnerability on the lockscreen of iOS 7. Sounds familiar? The said security vulnerability could bypass the lockscreen, using a really simple trick, and giving you or the intruder access to your photos, Twitter, mail and other apps on your phone. I personally have tried this on our iPhone 5 after updating to iOS 7, and it really works! Here’s how to bypass iOS 7 lockscreen, and I’ll also show you a temporary solution to keep your phone safe from this vulnerability.


iOS 7 lockscreen vulnerability bypass

Important: This article is for educational purposes only and does not intend to cause damage or steal information from your phone, or from somebody’s  phone. Do not use this for illegal purposes. It’s best that you, as an iPhone/iPad user, should be aware of this security issue. Don’t worry Apple is working on a security patch and should be rolled out soon.

How to Bypass iOS 7 Lockscreen

1. While on the iOS 7 lockscreen, bring up the Control Center. The mini menu that comes out when you swipe from the bottom of the screen.

2. Launch the clock app, the second icon from the left.

3. While on the clock app, try to turn off the phone by long pressing the power button.

4. When asked, don’t slide to turn off, instead press Cancel, then quickly tap the home button twice. The first is a short tap then followed by a long press.

5. If done correctly, the new multitasking view should come out. And that’s it, your inside.

From there you can go to camera, then access the photos by pressing the preview button. You can also access the Twitter and other accounts.

How To Protect Your iOS 7 Lockscreen

The easy way of protecting your iOS 7 lockscreen and preventing potential intruder from accessing your apps and files, is to simply turn off the Control Center (the mini menu that comes out when you slide from the bottom in the lockscreen). You can disable the Control Center on the Settings app.



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