how to sim unlock samsung galaxy s4

How to Carrier Unlock or SIM Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4

Getting a Samsung Galaxy S4 is much easier when you apply for a 2 year plan or subscription. But the number one downside in getting a plan is that your Galaxy S4 is locked to a particular network. Carriers usually SIM lock the units they sold because they want you to use your Galaxy S4 exclusively to their network only. You can’t insert other network’s SIM. But luckily steps on how to carrier unlock or unlock SIM-locked Samsung Galaxy S4 has been revealed. Today, I’ll show you how you can unlocked your Galaxy S4.


how to sim unlock samsung galaxy s4

There are actually various ways on how you can unlock your SIM locked Galaxy S4. There are paid ones, but the one I am going to share to you is a free one. And you don’t need any third party software of special tools to do this.

Before you proceed, let me just remind you that I haven’t tried this method since I do not have a Galaxy S4 yet. I won’t be responsible if anything bad happens to your phone. Just want to share this to my readers.

According to the forum members who tried this, this method works for them and many have already SIM unlocked their Galaxy S4. Also the source claims that this method works for both Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 and GT-I9505.

How to SIM Unlock Your Galaxy S4?

1. Go to your phone’s Keypad

2. Dial *#0011#

3. ServiceMode will come out and display some bunch of data and network signals

4. Go back by pressing the menu/options button (lower left hand button) of your phone. NOT THE BACK BUTTON (lower right hand)

5. Go to Menu again and select Key Input and type 1, then Okay

6. Press Menu and select Back again

7. You should be in the Main Menu of ServiceMode.

8. From the Main Menu, tap [1] UMTS

9. From the UMTS Main Menu, tap [1] Debug Screen

10. From the Debug Menu choose [6] Phone Control

11. Then next tap [6] Network Lock

12. From the Network Lock menu tap [3] PERSO SHA256 OFF

13. After than go back to UMTS Main Menu

14. From the UMTS Main Menu again, tap [6] Common

15. After that choose [6] NV Rebuild

16. From the NV Rebuild Menu tap [4] Restore Back-up

After that your Samsung Galaxy S4 will freeze for a few seconds/minutes. Then your phone should do some reconfiguring, screen will go black and LED will turn blue. Then finally your phone will reboot by itself.

After that your Galaxy S4 should now be unlock. Go ahead and try inserting other network’s SIM in your Galaxy S4. By the way you might need to turn off your Mobile Data before inserting another network’s SIM. And turn it on again once you have inserted the other SIM. If this didn’t work for you, you might want to check the source and see if someone has a similar experience as you.

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