develop android apps online

How to Develop Android Apps Without Any Coding

With the popularity of smartphones and Android phones today, several applications are proliferated in the App store. If you have always dreamt to create your very own app, but don’t have knowledge about coding, worry no more.  Did you know that there are several mobile app builders that can help you make your dream come true? By simply finding the best mobile app builder, you can have a chance to build Android apps online.


develop android apps online

Create Android Apps with Online App Creator Sites

There are several best mobile app builders today that can help you develop Android apps online. Usually they boasts easy-to-use yet powerful platforms that enables you to make a mobile app in just a snap. Since no coding is required, you will not have headaches and worries. These mobile app builders knows that it takes more than just making apps to live up to the satisfaction of customers and ace the competition, so it provides the tools you need.

The great thing about these online mobile app builders is that they do all the work for you. Their innovative platform searches your content, like your social media pages, RSS feeds and more. It also enables you to preview your apps live on its supported devices as you develop them. Forget about any Android device because you no longer need that just to see your application in action. When you are ready to have your apps submitted to Google Play, you can check them out on any Android device by simply downloading the application. This way, you will be sure that the application works exactly how you have always pictured it.

 How to Develop Android Apps Online

The ways on how to develop Android apps online are just so easy with these online app builder sites. With the code-free application creation platform, you can develop your apps instantly without any compromise on functionality and quality.  

The following are the steps you need to follow:

  • Signup – Choose your online app builder from the list below, sign up and create an account to get started.
  • Create – The app builder searches your content, like your social media pages, video feeds, photos, RSS feeds, and more, and provide you with the freedom to tweak, update, and add as you desire. With a wide range of backgrounds, colors and design options to choose from, you can customize your apps’ look and feel. While they are being edited, you can preview the on Conduit Mobile’s device simulator.
  • Submit – When the apps have already been completed, you will be guided on the necessary steps on how to get the apps ready for Google Play.
  • Promote/Endorse and Manage – The last step is endorsing and managing the app with your QR code through social media, and putting a banner to the website. You can have your apps edited and updated as often as you wish.

See, the ways on how to develop Android apps are just so easy. So, don’t worry if you don’t have any coding skills.

Below is a list of known online app builders:

  • AppsGeyser
  • ViziApps
  • Mobile by Conduit
  • The App Builder
  • iBuild App
  • Apps Bar


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