How to find and replace words and phrases across multiple files and folders

Are you having a hard time looking for a certain word/s or phrase in your multiple files? Are you looking for a certain phrase that you have read but you could not locate the file anymore? Or perhaps you’re a programmer or coder and wants to look for a certain code in all your files inside a folder? Then you need Digital Volcano’s TextCrawler 2.


TextCrawler 2 – is a simple yet powerful tool which will let you instantly search and replace text over multiple files inside a particular folder/s or in your whole PC.

“Text Crawler 2 utilizes a powerful Regular Expression engine to enable you to create sophisticated searches, preview replace, perform batch operations, extract text from files and more. It is fast and easy to use, and as powerful as you need it to be.”

Features of TextCrawler 2:

  • Search and Replace across files, Insert or Delete text
  • Fast searching, even on large files.
  • Simple to use interface
  • Flexible search parameters
  • Text Extractor – rip text into a new file
  • Post-process extracted text – sort, remove duplicate lines, remove white space
  • Search and replace using Regular Expressions. Create sophisticated searches.
  • Regular Expression test tool
  • Regular Expression library – Save your searches.
  • Create backup files
  • Fully Unicode Compatible – Search ANSI, UTF-8, UTF-16, etc
  • Highlighted search results
  • Export Results
  • Preview Replace Function
  • Copy found files to new location
  • Batch Find and Replace

Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP. Windows 95 and Windows Vista installations are currently untested/unsupported.
Microsoft VBScript Regular Expressions library 5.5 – this will usually already be available if you have IE5.5 or above installed.
Requires minimum 800×600 screen resolution

Double click on the TextCrawler_Setup.exe file in Windows Explorer. You will be guided through a simple automatic install process to the location of your choice.

Practical application of Text Crawler 2 based on my experience:
When one of my blog was injected with a malicious code, I downloaded the whole folder so that I would be able to look into each files and folders. The problem is, there are tons of files inside that folder, specially PHP files. And it would take forever if I would search for that code file per file.

Then I came across with DigitalVolcano’s TextCrawler 2. I did the search and in just a matter of seconds, I was able to find and replace (remove) all the malicious codes in all the PHP files that where infected. Very powerful and useful tool indeed.

Luckily, this utility is FREE! That’s right, just go to their download page and download the installer, install the utility and your good to go. I have provided you the download link below for your convince.

Download DigitalVolcano TextCrawler 2



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