How To Fix The YLOD On PS3

Your playing you favorite Playstation 3 game when suddenly your PS3 went YLOD or Yellow Screen of Death! Oh darn! So how do we fix the YLOD on PS3? Well you have options here actually. I’ll show you three best ways on how to fix the ylod on PS3.

YLOD Fix for PS3

First of all, these steps that I will be sharing to you are YLOD Fix for PS3 and not any other console. Do not try this on other console! The second option that I will be sharing to you does not guarantee that it will fix the YLOD on the PS3. But there are many PS3 users claims that they have tried it and it work for them. You can read the disclaimer of the author. But the third option shows a better way on how you can fix the YLOD on PS3. I will explain to you one by one.

Option 1:
1. Switch off or turn off you PS3 (Playstation 3). Let it cool for an hour or more. After thatn turn it on again.

2. Double check you connections. She to it that there are no loose connections.

3. Pull out the hard drive from the unit and install it back again. You might want to do this 2 to 3 times for results. But be very careful. Hard drives are sensitive.

4. Reinstall the System software.

5. If non of the steps above work, send to back to Sony or Pay somebody (a qualified and authorized technician) to fix you PS3.

Those are your first option. But it involves you to shell out money or wait for weeks before you can have you unit back.

Option 2:
Here is a better option. Option 2 will show you how to fix the ylod on ps3. But I am not the author of this guide. But you can download the YLOD fix for ps3 manual. Below is the link to the file. It is in PDF format so you will be needing an acrobat reader to view it.

UPDATE: Option 2 is no longer available. Please use option 3

Option 3:
Option 3 and this is the best option you got. While this option is also a Do-It-Youself guide but it is a far more better guide than the second option. This third option on how to fix the YLOD contains a well illustrated step by step guide on how you can fix the YLOD on your PS3. With the third option, you will also have intructional videos to guide you on fixing the YLOD, plus you will have a 24/7 support and a lifetime membership.

But that’s not all, in the third option you will learn how to fix various error and problems that you will encounter with your PS3 and not just YLOD, including ps3 blinking red light of death fix and many more. This is the best so far I found on how to fix the ylod on ps3.

how to fix the ylodClick here to learn more and download PS3Fix.

Good luck on fixing your PS3!



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