How to make your own 3D Glasses?

3D movies are now very popular. Even LED TV now supports 3D display. You can even download or watch 3D clips or movies on the internet. But how can you enjoy 3D without 3D glasses? 3D glasses are expensive and some of them are sold with a 3D LED TV as one package. 3D glasses is not yet a mainstream product where you can find easily in any electronic store. Solution? Why not make your own 3D glasses. How?


Here is a simple step on how to make your own 3D glasses. Watch the video:

In the video they used the color RED and BLUE, you may also use RED and CYAN color to make your own 3D glasses. RED+BLUE and RED+CYAN is two different setup. It depends on who the movie or clip was encoded. If the movie used RED and CYAN then you make use of a RED and CYAN combination for your 3D glasses, same goes for RED and BLUE combination.

Now, there is no guarantee that this will work 100%! It may work or may not. It may work but image may be blur. If you want quality 3D output, better get the real 3D glasses. This is not a replacement for the Active Glass or 3D shutter glass that big companies like Sony, LG, Samsung etc. makes.



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