How to make Micro Sim: Convert Sim to Micro Sim and Micro Sim to Sim Adapter

Micro Sim is the new type of Sim card that are being used in later devices like iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S, Sony Xperia S, HTC One X, and other latest smartphones and tablets. This might be a problem for some people who bought a device that accepts only micro sim but the sim card that they are currently using are bigger (and vice verse). Today I’m going to share to you how to make micro sim out of a traditional sim. And how to convert micro sim to sim using an adapter.


Basically the traditional sim (mini sim) and micro sim are just the same. They have the same function except that they differ in size. Newer and later device use the micro sim template. But most cell phones and smartphones still use the traditional sim size.

The traditional Sim has a measurement of 15mm x 25mm while the micro sim measures 12mm x 15mm.

There are only two ways how to convert a traditional sim to a micro sim; and how to convert a micro sim to sim (using an adapter). First let me show you the hard way of doing it.

How to make a micro Sim by cutting your Sim (The hard way)

WARNING: This method involves cutting your sim manually. Proceed with caution. It may damage your sim card during the process. The author of this article holds no responsibility and is not liable for any damages you may incur by doing so. Do this at your own risk. If you are not comfortable doing the “hard way”, scroll down below to the easy and safe way.

The first method involves cutting your sim. Below are steps on how to cut a sim to micro sim.

1. Measure your sim card and draw a guide for you to cut the sim card.
2. Cut your sim card. Also make a 45 degree angle
3. That’s it, simple but can be difficult

how to make a micro sim

how to make micro sim

how to make micro sim

image credit and source: techradar and mactechnews

How to convert you micro sim to sim (The hard Way)

This one is more difficult than cutting your sim to micro sim. Because you have to make an “adapter” for your micro sim. The size of a regular sim is 15mm x 25mm.

What you need to do is get a regular sim and trace it on a card or hard plastic that has the same thickness of your micro sim. Then cut a slot in between (like in the image below) so that your micro sim would fit in the hole. That’s it! Simple but making a hole in between is the difficult part.

how to make micro sim

image credit and source: gizmodo

Now let’s proceed to the easy way of cutting a normal sim to micro sim and converting a micro sim to a normal sim.

How to make a micro sim by cutting your sim (The hard way)

The easiest way to turn your normal sim into a micro sim is to use a micro sim cutter. There are micro sim cutter available, and the popular one is the Noosy Micro Sim Card Cutter. It’s affordable and it also comes with a micro sim to sim adapter.

how to make micro sim how to make micro sim


The Noosy Micro Sim Card Cutter is also a solution on how to cut micro sim card for iphone 4 and iphone 4s, and other android devices as well.


How to convert you micro sim to sim (The hard Way)

The easiest way to use your micro sim to a normal sim card slot is to buy a micro sim card adapter.

That’s it. Hope this guide helps. Please consider sharing this article to your network.



2 responses to “How to make Micro Sim: Convert Sim to Micro Sim and Micro Sim to Sim Adapter”

  1. PhredE Avatar

    I can hardly describe how imprecise this description is, Jeff.
    Not only do you have two different sets of circuit, you give no dimensions of one SIM’s edges from the other’s.
    Look at your two graphics in the process: one’s centered the circuit in the markings; the other’s offset one way. Which is it? By how far if assymetric?
    One’s referenced to an edge in the other direction; the other’s well inside an edge. Which is it?
    Dimension lines?
    Back to the drawing board – literally.
    I am without speech.

    1. Hi @PhredE:disqus . Sorry to disappoint you.
      But the pictures above are not mine. Please refer to the photo credit link.

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