How to Order From Amazon To Philippines: Fast and Safe

Have you ever tried buying online? You stumble into an Amazon page, you see this item, and you like it very much. You login and proceed to checking out the item, only to find out that Amazon can not ship it to your location. Frustrating isn’t? Amazon cannot ship items outside US or to Philippines specially if it’s an electronic device, gadgets, and some other items. But there is a way for you to order from Amazon and have it shipped in the Philippines. Thanks Bennixville for this tip.


So here’s how it works, you order from Amazon then you proceed to check out, when it asks for your address, you place the couriers’ address, that will serve as a conduit. The courier there will send it in the Philippines and you pick the item at the station. Simple right?

The courier that I am referring to is non other than Johnny Air. They have been doing this for years now, and this is how people from the Philippines orders and receives items from Amazon. Let me repeat the process again, this time in details.

How to Order From Amazon To Philippines via Johnny Air:

1. Go to Amazon and look for an item that you like. You must open an account and you need a credit or debit card to pay for your orders.

2. If you are ready to order, call Johnny Air first, and inform them that you are ordering this particular item from Amazon. Ask for the address of the Johnny Air station in the US. Last time I check, this was the address given to me:

AGT/(Your Name)
Johnny Air Plus
627 E Summit Avenue
Jersey City, New Jersey 07306
Phone: (201) 659 5152

UPDATE: Do call Johnny Air first for the address, because the address above is for Davao City only. Or you may visit their site here. But calling the nearest JAC office to you would be the best option.
Note: Remember, it is important the you call Johnny Air first and confirm the address and the shipping process first before you proceed with checking out from Amazon.

3. Go back to Amazon and confirm your order and proceed to check out using the address given to you by Johnny Air.

4. Once you have details of your order from Amazon, inform Johnny Air. Johnny Air will charge you according to the size or weight of the item (which ever is higher). You also need to confirm the shipping fee with Johnny Air so that you won’t be shock with the shipping fee in case you are ordering a huge item.

5. Just wait for 1-2 weeks for the item(s) to arrive at the Johnny Air station in your location, call them if necessary and when the item arrives, just pick it up at their station and pay the shipping fee.

If you do not want to pick the item from their station, you may try to negotiate with them if they can deliver it to your place, of course with additional fee again.

Hope this guide helps. I suggest you buy items that are found only outside Philippines or an item that is only available on Amazon. Otherwise, its better to buy that item locally to save the shipping cost.

One downside I find here is that, what if you need to return the item back to Amazon due to a defect in the item or you need to claim warranty, specially if its an electronic device? That’s another expense on your part. Just pray that the item you receive is not defective and a local service center is available near your area.

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19 responses to “How to Order From Amazon To Philippines: Fast and Safe”

  1. Thanks Jeff for mentioning me here.Astig talaga ang Johnny Air!BTW, join ka ba sa DCE?

  2. Frederick G. Avatar
    Frederick G.

    what is the number of Johnny Air? Do they have ph. base center rin ba?

    I wanna buy ice watch in amazon… btw, i’m working in as cust. serv. rep. here in qc.You can avail free shipping if the item is above $25 and make sure it was sold and fulfilled by amazon. Then ship to Johnny air fulfillment center. right?
    The item that im gonna buy is not eligible to ship outside USA. that’s why i badly need this matter. 😀

    1. Hi Fred
      Just contact the nearest Johnny Air office in your area.
      I don’t know what’s their local number in QC. Try surfing the net or use a phone directory.

      I have already done this and thankfully my order arrived safely.
      Just contact your nearest Johnny Air office and ask for the address.
      The address I indicated above might no longer be updated.

      BTW, what watch will you be ordering?

  3. ruffa malocloc Avatar
    ruffa malocloc

    hi how can i contact Johnny Air Plus? i want to order this on amazon. please message me.

    1. I think Amazon ships books to other countries. Have you tried checking out.
      Contact Johnny Air in your area. Just google if you don’t have a phone directory.

  4. henry Avatar

    Pwede bang mag inquire muna how much this item cost from NJ to Davao city example:
    Thule Mobile Crossover TAS-115?

    1. That depends on the weight or the size of the box. Usually for an item below 2 pounds and is packed in a pouch I pay 750. You can call the nearest johnny air in your area.

  5. sol echevarria Avatar
    sol echevarria


    please help me how i can possibly order the watch that i am looking for, i saw it from but i can’t place my order, how will i place my order? I am ordering ladies fossil wrist watch model ES2551,

    can you help me and please reply to my e-mail account, I am not used in buying items thru on-line, hope to hear from you very soon.

    thank you .

    God bless,

    1. Hi sol please email me the details of your order. jeff at whatswithjeff dot com

  6. what about the taxes? i hear that when they arive you end up paying twice the price.

    1. Not really. I only pay the freight charges. Johnny Air has two addresses in the US. One in New Jersey and other is in New York. Normally you would want to send your items in their New York address, but if you are taxed, try the New Jersey address. After two to three weeks, the items will arrive. And I only pay the freight charges. The least I have paid is only 750+ (minimum). Freight charge vary depending on the weight or size of the cargo which ever is higher.
      Just a tip, buy thing from Amazon that are not available here in the Philippines or if the price is significantly cheaper in Amazon that even if you add the freight cost it would still be cheaper.
      Again call the nearest Johnny Air in your area to inquire further.

  7. hello i just want to ask about im trying to order medicine ship to pangasinan but the 10 dollars medicine it cost a lot its 60 dollars ….so i cancelled my orders…you think in pangasinan has amazon place..?

  8. Does this service, still exist Avatar
    Does this service, still exist

    Does this service, still exists? as I am trying to order some medical books from Amazon and would like them to be posted to Manila Phillipines

  9. Michael Genesis Avatar
    Michael Genesis

    Hello brother help me. Lets say Im going to buy in bang good or aliexpress or ebay, and goin to buy a drone (quadcopter) and its say shipping is via PostNL or Parcel Register. What is this are they going to deliver it to my house (where shipping is addressed to), or am i going to go to Bureau of customs because they hold it and im going to pay a fckng something? Your reply will highly aprreciated brother

    1. not sure what’s the procedure there, but normally it should be delivered to your house. if not it should be at your post office. get the tracking number so that you can monitor it

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