How to remove Facebook News Ticker

How to remove the new Facebook Changes, the News Ticker

Facebook has recently revamped, made new changes in Facebook’s interface. They changed their News Feed layout and adding a News Ticker. Many of us, Facebook users, were shocked about the changes. I don’t know about you, but many uf us do not like the new feature.


Many Facebook users wants the old Facebook look and interface. There are many FB users complaining about the new layout and design. Before it was simple and easy, but now, it keeps getting complicated one upgrade after another. And people did not like it at all.

So how do you remove the new Facebook News Ticker? There are actually many ways on how you can remove the annoying News Ticker but I’ll share you the easiest way.

How to remove Facebook News Ticker:

1. You need to install a add-on/plugin called AdBlock Plus. For Firefox users click here. For Google Chrome users click here.

2. Install AdBlock, and after installing it configure the AdBlock filter. Insert the following codes below.[id=”pagelet_rhc_ticker”][id=”pagelet_ticker”]

remove news feed in facebook

3. After putting the code and running it, refresh your browser / Facebook and it should block the News Ticker by now.

For Google Chrome users, you can also use an add-on called Unannoying Facebook. You can get it here. This also removes the news feed and the pinned bar on top of FB.

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  1. please be reminded that having Adblock enabled on a browser will also disable Adsense, meaning your viewers will not see any of your ads. 🙂

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