how to remove timeline in facebook

How to Remove Timeline in Facebook: The easiest way

Facebook Timeline is the new “look” or user interface that’s been bugging a lot of FB users lately. Sure, it looks nice and it looks new but there are many features that a typical FB user does not need. In fact many FB users agree and considers the Facebook Timeline as a confusing UI. Im sure you are looking for a way on how to remove Timeline in your Facebook profile, right?


how to remove timeline in facebook

Basically you can not “remove” timeline in Facebook since it is part of the system and it’s integrated in it. BUT, you can disable it somehow or use an app (application) that could disable or “remove” the Facebook Timeline while you are browsing FB. By doing this, it will display the good old classic FB profile look.

How to remove Timeline in Facebook

So how do we remove timeline from Facebook profile? We use a browser extension called TimelineRemove, you can see it here. This extension is compatible with Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. The Safari extension is still a work in progress (as of today). Just go there, download and install the application browser extension.

remove timeline facebook

However, this is not a total solution in removing Timeline in Facebook. It just “disables” the Facebook Timeline and forcing it to display the classic look. The extension is also applicable ONLY to your profile, meaning if you view other user’s profile with Facebook Timeline enabled, you will see their profile page in Timeline interface.

And if other user visits your profile page from another computer, they will also see your Facebook profile in Timeline interface as well. Like I said before, this is not a total solution. The only way to “really” remove Timeline in Facebook, is when the FB moderators/administrators or Mark Zuckerberg decides to remove it.

You can uninstall the TimelineRemove extension if you do not like it. Have you tried it already? Tell us what you think about the extension. By the way, this is not a sponsored article.




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