How to Root and Unroot Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note is probably the first smartphone-tablet hybrid type of gadget. It’s becoming popular because of its large display and functionality. I’m very sure you would want to Root your Samsung Galaxy Note, that’s why you stumble into this page.


I will share to you a simple and step by step solution on how you can Root and Unroot your Samsung Galaxy Note. There are two methods on how to Root Samsung Galaxy Note.

Just a reminder, Rooting is risky and will void any warranties. Root your Samsung Galaxy Note at your own risk!

Method 1 for Rooting Samsung Galaxy Note:

*This method runs only in Windows. This will work both on locked and unlocked bootloader devices*

1. First download DooMLoRD’s Root v3 here.

2. Extract and execute or run the “RUNME.bat”

3. From there just read the instructions displayed on the screen. And that’s it!

How to Unroot Samsung Galaxy Note:

Warning: Use this Samsung Galaxy Note Unrooting Script ONLY IF YOU USED Easy Rooting Toolkit for Rooting. And if used another script or method in Rooting your Samsung Galaxy Note, DO NOT USE this. This might or will damage your system.

Rooting and/or Unrooting your Samsung Galaxy Note is risky! Again do this at your own risk. This will work in Windows Only.

1. Download here

2. Extract and execute or run the “RUNME-UNROOT.bat”

3. After that, just read and follow the instructions displayed on your screen.

Good luck!

I will post the second method, which is the Root with CWM recovery after this post.



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  1. Great to try this for myself.

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