how to root starmobile astra

How to Root Starmobile Astra and Install CWM Recovery

Starmobile Astra is one of the promising, not to mention cheap, Android smartphones available in the Philippines. Now that you got your Starmobile Astra, what’s next? Just like any other Android smartphone, even the high end ones, it’s time to root your phone. Please read the warning, disclaimer and faqs first below before proceeding on the instructions on how to root Starmobile Astra and install CWM Recovery.


how to root starmobile astra

[alert type=”red”]WARNING: Rooting your Android phone is potentially dangerous. Even though there are millions of Android phones being successfully rooted every day, there is still the possibility that it will fail, either by human error or device failure. It may damage or brick your phone temporarily or permanently. This article serves only as a guide for those who want to root their Starmobile Astra. The end result might be different and you will be responsible for your actions. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK![/alert]

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[alert type=”yellow”]DISCLAIMER: I have not tried this steps as I do not have an Astra unit to test it with. The source of this guide is from a XDA forum member, Paulpax. Just reblogging this guide for my readers.[/alert]


1. Is rooting your phone necessary or required?
Not at all, but if you want further customization or install apps that requires root access, then rooting your phone is required.

2. Will rooting your phone void warranty?

3. What can you do with the rooted phone?
Customize, tweak, overclock, undervolt, change theme, backup the whole ROM, gain access to root files and directory, and many more.

4. What is the CWM Recovery for?
It’s basically a program that lets you create a whole back up of your phone, or a ROM, and restore the created back up. Very useful when you are trying out custom roms or when you accidentally soft-brick your phone.

5. How to root Starmobile Astra?
Read the guide below.

How to Root Starmobile Astra

1. Make sure the right drivers are installed on your computer. You can either download and install MTK6577 driver, MEDIATEK VCOM USB Drivers,, SuperOneClick or if you are running Windows 7 and is connected to the internet, your PC will automatically install the drivers.

2. Download Root with Restore by Bin4ry here.

3. Turn on or check the USB Debugging and Install From Unknown Sources from your phone’s settings.

4. Connect the Astra to PC via USB cable.

5. Unzip the downloaded Root with Restore by Bin4ry in your computer.

6. Double click or Run/Execute the Runme.bat file

7. From the menu choose 1 and hit Enter (Device Type – Normal)

8. The Starmobile should ask you to Restore after a while and it will Reboot.

9. The rooting processing will continue after reboot until you see a SUCCESSFUL message.

10. Your Starmobile Astra should now be rooted.

How to Install CWM Recovery for Starmobile Astra

1. Download the files Astra Recovery.Zip here.

2. Connect the Astra to your PC

3. Unzip the downloaded file and extract the recovery.img and mu7577.apk on your SDCard. Don’t place it inside a folder, just extract both files outside

4. Install mu7577.apk or the Mobileuncle Tools

5. After installing, run the Mobileuncle Tools and choose Recovery Update

6. Choose recovery file in SDcard

7. When ask for root permission choose GRANT IT

8. CWM Recovery should now be installed on your phone and you can now make backups, restore or install custom roms.

Just be careful when using the CWM Recovery. If you accidentally installed a ROM that is not for your phone, who knows what might happen. It could damage your phone permanently.




18 responses to “How to Root Starmobile Astra and Install CWM Recovery”

  1. Thank you for sharing! Im now enjoying my astra 🙂

  2. Astraboy Avatar

    That’s my method, thank you for reposting without my credit.

    1. The source of this article is paulpax from XDA. If you think that he copied it from you, then contact him instead. I have placed the link to the source of this article at the bottom.

  3. pandefrancis Avatar

    does this work with flirt?

    1. I’m not sure. I haven’t tried it with flirt

  4. ndi q ma’extract ung recovery sa mmc..

  5. does this work with energy?

  6. TheGuyWhoNeedsHelp Avatar

    Nothing happens after choosing “Restore my data”. My phone doesn’t reboot and the Root with restore is stucked in Running …

    1. Perhaps you missed something?

  7. donald Avatar

    sure din b gmitin sa sm energy yn?

    1. Hi Donald, not sure. Don’t try it. Astra and Energy are different. You might end up bricking your phone. Haven’t tried this since I don’t have a StarMobile unit. I posted the guide because someone requested it.

  8. bakit po an error occurred during the installation of the device, a service installation section in this INF is invalid.. bakit ganito po palage naga labas pag ina.update q ung driver po? di ma.update ung astra q.. tulong na man po plzzzz

    1. Hi marjon,
      Did you root your phone of installed something that is out of the ordinary? It might have conflict with the software, that’s why you can’t update. Most probably software problem lang yan and can be fixed easily.

  9. Uhh. GOOD NEWS!! The rooting method worked for Starmobile Energy! haha pag nag-stuck sa restore my data. I-back nyo lang sa home. Tapos ulitin nyo ung root method. hanggang mag-reboot ung Starmobile Energy nyo. Tapos lalabas ung “Android is upgrading”. Okay na un pag gnun. Nakadalwang ulit ung akin eh.

    BAD NEWS. The CWM method didn’t work. haha. Nwala ung stock recovery kooo!! huhuuhu kung sino man ang may working na STARMOBILE ENERGY paki-extract naman ng original na recovery.img please!! huhuh needed lang.

    1. Thanks for confirming that the rooting method also worked for starmobile energy. A lot of people are asking about this, but can’t confirm it since I don’t have an SM energy to test it with. Thanks!

  10. daimos Avatar

    Mediashare download is set to private. Cannot download.

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