How To Spy On A Mobile Phone?

How can you check, track and spy on a mobile phone or smartphone?

Reminders: Spying on somebody’s mobile or smartphone may or is a violation of federal, state, or local laws and some may consider it unethical. Please use this information with precaution.

Did you know that you can be track, locate or be eavesdrop by somebody else through your cell phones, mobile phone or smartphones? The answer is YES, you can be track and somebody else can check on you with or without your consent.


In the movie Eagle Eye starring Shia Labeouf –“(Big Brother is Listening) Cellphone users beware, the FBI can now hear everything you are saying even if your cellphone is turned off…”

I could still remember Globe Telecom has a system where you can subscribe to, to track and locate your kids or someone’s cell phone with their consent. So it’s really really possible.

Nowadays smartphones are very popular. Almost all people who previously owned a cell phone are switching to smartphones and people without cellphones are starting to buy one. It’s like a requirement to survive in this society.

Because of these many people are trying to find a way on how to locate or spy on somebody using their phones. Now, why would anybody want to spy on someone using their phones?

Reasons; people want to spy on somebody using their mobile phones because:
1. They want to locate someone, parents might want to track where their kids are, or their activities
2. A wife or a husband might want to find out if his/her spouse is cheating
3. An employer may want to monitor their employees and their activities
4. Or you just want to know if the person is telling the truth or not, in short you just want to know the truth (and sometimes the truth hurts!)

Well, whatever reasons people may have, there are only two ways on how you can check on somebody’s activities through their phones.

1. Secretly steal or get their mobile phone/smartphone and check their inbox and outbox and other information you could. But this is too risky and you might not see the information you are looking for because the owner might have deleted the logs already.

2. Or, you can use a software or an app to easily track calls, SMS, GPS location and other stuffs.

If you are really serious about trying to check/monitor or even spy on someone’s mobile phone or smartphones you can try mobile spy software or applications.

Mobile-Spy: The Smartphone monitoring Software

1. Mobile Spy is a spy software for mobile phones that lets you monitor text messages, photos, calls, location and much much more of an Android, iPhone, Blackberry and other mobile phone/smartphones.

With Mobile Spy you will be able to log every text messages, log incoming and outgoing calls, check location through GSP, log every contact on phone, see all inbound and outbound emails, log all websites being accessed and log all photos and videos taken or recorded through the phone.

This is very useful when you want to check on your child’s activities and/or location; or even in your business to check your employees if they are abusing mobile privileges, exposing company’s secrets or abuse vehicle privileges.

Mobile Spy - How it works

Watch the Mobile-Spy demo below:

Mobile-Spy System Screenshots:

Mobile Spy Demo Screenshot

Click here to visit and try Mobile-Spy.



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