HTC Sensation ICS Camera Mod: HQ Sensation Camera For ICS

A lot of people where not impressed with the HTC Sensation’s camera. But that ends today. HTC Sensation users running on Android v4.0 ICS ROM can further take their phone’s camera to the edge with the “HQ Sensation Camera for ICS“. This mod is said to increase the camera’s performance, resulting in a higher quality 1080p video recording. The said Rom is flashable through ClockWorkMod Recovery.


The said mod is done by NODO-GT an XDA Forum member. The HQ Sensation Camera for ICS mod not only enhances your camera but it can also do the following:

  • Able to record uncompressed video and audio
  • 1080p video recording at 20Mbps
  • Increased video recording quality
  • Zero compression on JPG images
  • Improved Quality of image
  • Increase 2MB size cap of image
  • Rebuild Camera App
  • Experimental 1250 ISO mode

But HQ Sensation Camera for ICS mod has limitations, it will not work on the official version of Android v4.0 ICS rolled out to some users in Europe. Only in 3.32-based ROMs are proven and tested that the mod will work.

Here is a sample comparison of before and after using the mod.

Before installing the Mod
After installing the Mod

For instructions on how to download and install the HQ Sensation Camera for ICS, you may see it here.



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