Hybrid Plug-in cars! Ford Evos, Mercedes-Benz F125, BMW i3 and i8!

These Hybrid Plug-in cars will make your jaw drop! Ford Evos, Mercedes-Benz F125, BMW i3 and i8

New luxury and sports cars are being unveiled each year. And every time a design or model comes out it just keeps getting and better and better. Each year new technologies as being incorporated in modern cars. Just take a look at Ford Evos, Mercedes-Benz F125, BMW i3 and i8. These are just some of the future cars that will make you drool and jaw drop!


What are Hybrid Plug-in Cars?

Hybrid Plug-in Cars or Plugin Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV, PHV) are cars or vehicles that makes use of both electric motor and gasoline engine to run. When the gasoline is depleted, it can still run on electricity. They carry large rechargeable battery and can be recharge through a common household electricity. Plug-in Cars are highly efficient and environmental friendly.

Hybrid Plug-in Cars are the future cars. These new innovations may help reduce air pollution and green house effect. Thus helping prevent global warming.

Ford Evos

The Ford Evos was recently unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. This car of the future is built with technology and new concept. The Ford Evos is reported to be “cloud-connected” connecting you to the internet and keeping you updated from traffic to any topic you might be interested in.

Ford Evos is a plug-in hybrid meaning it can run on electricity. It can even detect heart rate of the driver! Ford calls the driver seat as “the hot seat”.

See photos of Ford Evos below:

Ford Evos concept gallery Ford Evos 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show Ford Evos Frankfurt 2011
Ford Evos concept specfications Ford Evos concept gallery Frankfurt 2011 Auto Show Ford Evos 2011 Frankfurt

Mercedes-Benz F125

Mercedes-Benz F125 is a special one. The new F125 concept is powered by hydrogen. That’s right, it runs on water! At Frankfurt Motor Show 2011, Mercedes-Benz shows off this new concept called F125 (F-one-twenty five). The MB F125 can run 100km on .79kg of hydrogen, having a top speed of 137mph and can accelerate from 0 to 62mph in 4.9 seconds! Wow!

See photos of Mercedes-Benz F125 below:

Mercedez-Benz F125 hydrogen gullwing plugin cars Mercedez-Benz F125 concept Mercedez-Benz F125 2011
Mercedez-Benz F125 2011 frankfurt F125 concept hydrogen gullwing frankfurt motor show 2011 Mercedes-Benz F125 Concept frankfurt plugin cars

BMW i3 and i8

The BMW i3 and i8 are electric plug-in cars which means they run primarily on electricity. These new BMW car concepts are focused on efficiency and responsive driving aspect.

The BMW i3 runs purely on electricity with a 150km range. It’s body is primarily composed of lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber. The BMW i8 on the other hand is a plug-in hybrid type, meaning it can run on gasoline and electricity. Both the BMW i3 and i8 are planned to go on production by 2013.

See photos of BMW i3 and i8 below:

bmw i3 plugin cars 2011 frankfurt motor show bmw-i3-2011-concept bmw i3 plugin cars frankfurt 2011
bmw-i8-2011-concept bmw i8 frankfurt 2011 bmw i8 plugin cars 2011 frankfurt motor show


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