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InMotion Hosting Offers 50% Off On Their VPS Plans

InMotion Hosting is one of the leading and highly recommended web hosting companies. InMotion got you covered whether you are looking for hosting solutions such as business class hosting, VPS hosting or dedicated server. Their services are premium quality, with top of the line technology and support. InMotion rarely give off coupon codes or promo codes. Come to think of it, they really do not offer promo codes or coupon codes at all. However they do value their new customers by offering special promotions or discounts on rare occasions. This August, InMotion is offering a summer special sale where you can take advantage 50% off the rate for the initial month on all VPS packages.


cheap vps

InMotion’s VPS summer Special will expire on August 31, 2012 since it is a special limited time offer only. So you better take advantage of this great opportunity that InMotion is offering. I have provided a table below showing the corresponding updated rates for the summer special sale.

PlanFirst MonthRemaining/Month
VPS-1000 (Monthly)
VPS-1000 (Bi-Annual)
VPS-1000 (Annual)
VPS-2000 (Monthly)
VPS-2000 (Bi-Annual)
VPS-2000 (Annual)
VPS-3000 (Monthly)
VPS-3000 (Bi-Annual)
VPS-3000 (Annual)

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VPS vs Shared Hosting: Why choose a VPS hosting?

VPS (Virtual Private Servers) provides features that are far better than shared hosting. With VPS Hosting, you get to benefit from flexibility and control of a dedicated server, which you cannot do in a shared hosting plan.

VPS Hosting are great for sites (whether personal or business) that are growing, experiencing heavy traffic or traffic surge, dynamic and highly interactive. Shared Hosting usually could not accommodate this kind of tasks. With InMotion’s VPS plans, they utilize high performance server that are divided into multiple virtual servers that has its own reserve amount of CPU and RAM resources. VPS hosting provides a less expensive solution for businesses that demands custom firewall, more control over security and dedicated mail server. Shared hosting does not have these kinds of features.

Take advantage of InMotion VPS 50% Summer Special here.



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