2nd Generation Intel Core i7-2600 and Core i5-2400 Now Available

Intel Sandybridge in now available here in the Philippines! Woot it’s upgrade time. Many PC Enthusiast are already selling their old platform and are switching to the LGA 1155 platform powered by Intel’s 2nd generation Core i-series processors.


I checked the stores online for prices.
Intel i7 2600 Sandybridge
Intel Core i7-2600 (32nm, 8MB cache, 3.4ghz)
4 cores, 8 threads
Clock Speed 3.4Ghz
Max Turbo Frequency 3.8GHz
Intel HD Graphics (embedded)
95 watts TDP
Price: Cheapest I could find is Php13,650
The usual price is around Php13,900 others are as high as Php14,00+ or around $294.00

Intel i5 2400K SandybridgeIntel Core i5-2400 (32nm, 6MB Cache, 3.1GHz)
4 cores, 4 threads
Clock Speed 3.1Ghz
Max Turbo Frequency 3.4GHz
95 watts TDP
Price: Cheapest I could find is Php8,600
The usual price is around Php9,000++ or around $184.00

Intel Core i5-2500 (32nm, 6MB Cache, 3.3GHz)
4 cores, 4 threads
Clock Speed 3.3Ghz
Max Turbo Frequency 3.7GHz
Turbo Boost 2.0GHz
Intel HD Graphics (embedded)
Price: The usual price I could find is around Php10,200+ or around $205.00

I think the 2nd Generation Intel Core i-series or the Sandybridge processors are really a bang for the buck. Its cheaper compared to their predecessors, performs faster, consumes lesser power, and has great features added.

My advice is, if you are from AMD platform or LGA 775, and is planning to upgrade, you might want to try LGA 1155 platform and I recommend you try Core i5-2500K or Core i7-2600K for the more demanding PC enthusiast. ^_^

You can grab the Intel i5-2400 and the i7-2600 now below at Amazon.

Now if you really want to crank things up, below are the high end processors of their respective line up. Note that the Intel Core i7-2700k is the latest amongst the three and serves as the flagship for the entire Core i5 and i7 line up.



2 responses to “2nd Generation Intel Core i7-2600 and Core i5-2400 Now Available”

  1. Mcchad_23 Avatar

    whew that’s a lot of money hehehe i’m a cafe owner and im planning to upgrade everything…im still thinking on what specs to use … hmmm core i series or the fx series hahayz

    1.  Avatar

      Hehe yes. Based on what I know and from my friends who owns an internet cafe, most of them used AMD processors since it’s cheaper and it also does the work. Intel processors are more expensive compared to AMD. Is your cafe purely for net surfing only or you also plan offline and online games? For me, AMD is still budget wise for net cafes.

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