Intel Core i7-2700k Specifications and Price Release Date: UPDATED

Intel Core i7-2700k Now Available! Specs, Price and Release date unveiled

This past few weeks or months, the Intel Core i7-2700K for the LGA1155 Sandy Bridge platform was just a rumor. But just recently, because of a “slip up”, information regarding the Core i7-2600K was disclosed concluding that the successor of i7-2600k is really true!


core i7-2700k price and release date

The Intel Core i7-2600K had a box part numbers of BX80623I72700K and BXC80623I72700K and has a Spec Code of SR0DG. Based on the disclosed product number, you can clearly see “I72700k” as the last 7 characters of the code, meaning I7-2700k.

Based on the code “K”, it also suggest that the i7-2600k’s successor has also an unlock clock multiplier.

Intel Core i7-2700K Specifications

intel core i7-2700k specs

Based on the information obtained from the Socket LGA1155 Biostar motherboard CPU support list, the upcoming Intel Core i7-2600K has 4 cores and 8 threads. It has a core frequency of 3.5GHz and 3.9GHz when in Turbo mode.

The Core i7-2700K has an L3 Cache of 8 Megabytes, built with HD3000 Graphics unit and has a TDP of 95 watts.

Intel Core i7-2700K Price and Release Date

Unfortunately, I could not find any information or leaked information regarding Intel Core i7-2700k’s price and release date. Although, just an estimation, the new quad core processor‘s price might be slightly higher than Core i7-2600K.

As for the released date of the Core i7-2700K, it is suggested that it would be released sometime in the Q4 of 2011 or Q1 of 2012.  You might also want to check out Intel Core i7-2600K below.



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