Intel Core i7-3930K Sandy Bridge-E LGA2011 Processor Gets Discounted

The Intel Core i7-3930K processor is one of the popular Sandy Bridge-E processors for socket LGA2011 motherboards. If you haven’t buy an Intel Core i7-3930K yet, then you are in luck. Recently price for the said processor went down and some online stores are already giving discounts for the Intel Core i7-3930k.


intel core i7-3930k best price

Before you decide on whether you should get one or not, let us take a look at the specifications and some pros and cons that came from Intel Core i7-3930K reviews that were made by the customers themselves. The Intel Core i7-3930K received at 5 out of 5 star rating.

Intel Core i7-3930K Full Specifications:

Processor Number: i7-3930K
Part Number: BX80619I73930K
Socket Supported: FCLGA2011
Number of Cores: 6
Number of Threads: 12
Clock Speed: 3.2GHz
Max Turbo Speed: 3.8GHz
L1 Instr. Cache: 32KB
L1 Data Cache: 32KB
L2 Cache: 256KB
Intel Smart Cache/L3 Cache: 12MB
Bus/Core Ratio: 57
DMI: 5 GT/s
Instruction Set: 64-bit
Instruction Set Extensions: SSE4.2,AVX
Lithography: 32nm
Max TDP: 130W
VID Voltage Range: 0.600-1.350V
Max Memory Size: 64GB
Memory Type: DDR3-1066/1333/1600
Memory Channels: 4
Max Memory Bandwidth: 51.2 GBps
PCI Express Revisions: 2.0
No. of PCI Express POrts: 10
Advance Technologies: Turbo Boost 2.0, Hyper-Threading, Virtualization (VT-x), AES New Instructions, Intel 64, Idle States, Enhanced Intel SpeedStep, Thermal Monitoring, Execute Disable Bit

For the Intel Core i7-3930K review, watch this video from

Pros and Cons from the customers

The Pros:

  • Best CPU for high end systems
  • Very easy to overclock and runs smoothly
  • Very fast without even OC-ing the processor
  • AMD processors could not compete
  • The i7-3930K is a beast/monster
  • Relatively low temperature

The Cons:

  • Price might be a little bit expensive but still worth it
  • None at all

The list can go on and on, but basically those are the common feedback that I read about the Intel Core i7-3930K. This processor is even better than the Core i7-3960X considering what can it do for its price, a really bang for the buck processor. More reviews can be read at the product page.

Newegg offers are free shipping for this processor with a free gift game – Rage for every purchase, a $49.99 value.

You may also want to check out what Amazon is cooking up for the Intel Core I7-3930K here.



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