Intel Sandy Bridge-E Processors Price and Release Date

Intel Sandy Bridge-E Processors to be released on November, prices are disclosed

The much awaited and upcoming Intel Sandy Bridge-E (Enthusiast) processors and X79 Chipset are reported to be released sometime in November. According to DonanimHaber it’s probably sometime in November 14 to November 27, but they predicted that it would be on November 15, 2011.


There will be three Sandy Bridge-E processors that is expected to be released by November. The three Sandy Bridge-E processors are Core i7 3820, Core i7 3930K and Core i7 3960X.

The Core i7 3820 is priced at $249 USD. This will be the “entry level” amongst the three. Unfortunately this processor does not feature an unlock multiplier.

The next is Core i7 3930K, priced at $583 USD followed by the Sandy Bridge-E flagship processor, the Core i7 3960X that is priced at a whooping $999 USD. Both of these Sandy Bridge-E Core i7 processors have unlock multipliers as indicated by the “K” in their model number. The Core i7 3960K is expected to be 15% faster than its predecessor, the Core i7 990X.

I wonder what happened to AMD flagship processors the Bulldozers. Can they keep up with Intel’s Sandy Bridge-E processor? I don’t think so. Even if AMD has Bulldozer and 8-core processors, Intel is still leading in terms of performance.




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  1. Considering the price, they should be quicker. The Core i7 3930K is twice the price of AMD’s top chip and the Core i7 3820 is pointless if it can’t be overclocked.

    1.  Avatar

      Intel processors are definitely faster than AMD. It comes with a price though. I’m not so sure about Core i7 3820. It doesn’t have the “K” on it. meaning it does not have an unlock multiplier. But Maybe Intel made it for a reason. Entry level for Sandy Bridge-E I suppose.

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