iphone 5s pictures leaked

iPhone 5S Pictures Leaked – Futures Entirely New Design

Recently, prototype pictures and renders of the alleged iPhone 5S surfaced. GSMArena posted last April 4, the pictures of the alleged iPhone 5S. But it looks different, the design is totally not the same with the previous generation of iPhones. Perhaps this might not be a 5S, but could be iPhone 6. See the pictures below


iphone 6 leak

Based on the leaked images of iPhone 5S, it doesn’t have the usual rectangle shape design. Instead it has a curve design with edge to edge display. If you have seen an a-Jays Four shell case, it looks similar to that, only thinner and flatter.

iphone 5s pictures leaked

Based on the picture alone, the next generation iPhone will still use the new Lightning port, and the button looks similar to iPhone 5. But the popular home button is no longer present. This is very unusual for an iPhone, and even the one who send the photos to GSMArena could not confirm the authenticity.

However, if the phone in those picture are really the next generation iPhone, i don’t think they should call it the “iPhone 5S”, since the design is not like an iPhone 5. It is entirely new, and it would be appropriate if it’s the “iPhone 6” (or something else).

Anyway, we are expecting an iPhone 5S and iPad 5 to be released sometime this year. I’m sure more leaked images or information will come out after a few days or weeks. So stay tune for more iPhone 5S news.



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