iphone microphones for better audio recording

iPhone Microphones for Better Audio Recording 2020

Brushing up on your gibberish, you start calling that friend of yours that has that phone with the built-in nightmare of a microphone and start trying to make sense of what they’re saying. The longer you stay on the phone with them, the more accustomed you will become, to the tone of the faulty microphone and the nuances of your friend’s voice. You begin to wonder why you decided to practice your gibberish in the first place, and you end up tossing that phone of yours with the perfect microphone out the window.

When it comes to apple’s products and specifically iPhone microphones, some of us might not be that much in awe of it as others are. This is highlighted by how, if you’re an iPhone user and your microphone is working fine, you won’t really take the time to understand what it’d be like to live with a faulty one. With the maintenance of the device being costly, unwarranted and unguaranteed to work in the first place, you are left with the option to buy in an external microphone. Notably, it has recently been made available to iPhone users to buy third-party devices that are compatible with their iOS. With that being said, it’s time to learn of the best microphones you can get for better audio and recording on your iPhone.


iphone microphones for better audio recording

List of Microphones for iPhone

Shure MV88

The Shure MV88 is a device of studio-level performance. That’s why choosing it as our top pick for the best apple microphones was an obvious move! Being metallic, the microphone can maneuver from multiple angles. The microphone can withstand bad weather and other unfavorable conditions. When you film a music concert, a lecture, or even if you’re a journalist working, it’s going to be useful. Ultimately, if you’re looking for an iPhone or an iPad microphone specifically, there’s no better choice than the Shure MV88.

iRig Mic Cast

The rectangular capacitor has a unidirectional design that effectively rejects outside noise for a cleaner recording, while an extremely low sensitivity setting provides flexibility for audio capture in various environments-and a stand for seated interviews is provided.

Rode SmartLav+ Lavalier

The hands-free lavalier style will probably be the most convenient recorder if you tend to record or talk while on the run. In addition, the microphone comes with a windshield and a durable clip and a soft storage container. The polished Rode REC field recorder app, that packages a good range of EQ presets for various scenarios, should not be forgotten by users.

Zoom iQ7

Zoom’s iQ7 is a twist-based stereo condenser for its two microphone components, one focuses on the sound coming in front while a bidirectional side microphone covers the signal all around you. Apply to that the opportunities to separately turn the two microphones and you have the perfect setup for recording a larger sound field.

best microphones for iphone

To sum up, there lies an undesired burden with carrying an iPhone, and when it gets faulty, you are stuck with a few replacement options. However, with various third-party microphones on the market to choose from, you are free to call your iPhone a perfect device, in all honesty.



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