It’s A Great Time To Be A Family With Microsoft Windows

Many years ago, when I was still in elementary, my brother was in Manila and my sister was in Cebu. Communication was not that easy back then. We need to make long distance calls just to keep in touch with them. Computers were not so popular and mainstreamed during those days. Lots of great memories could have been stored and shared.


Today, with the help of the innovations of Microsoft Windows, all those things that we could not do before can now be easily done. Today we could easily chat or make video calls whenever or wherever we are. We could share photos or videos easily and that’s all thanks to the features found in Microsoft Windows.

Before, all our family photos are kept in different albums. Today, I’m pretty sure some of the photos or even the albums are gone or misplaced. I could still remember whenever there are family gatherings or events we need to pass the album from one person to another so that people could see them. But now all our photos and videos are safely stored in our computers. We can print them anytime or share it, and the best part of it we can make photo slideshow and flash them in our screen. In this way we could all see the photos or videos together, thus making family bonding a better experience.

Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” are full of features that focus more on what people needs to make it easier for them to work, play and most importantly to stay connected with friends, family and loved ones. Windows makes it easier for people to communicate and share with each other.

With Microsoft Windows, organizing your photos and videos is easy. Windows 7 has this Windows Media Center where you can organize and sort out all your photos and videos of you and your family. They are easily stored and kept safe so that important events and moments in life could be stored and be viewed over and over again.

Also smartphones are very popular nowadays. Soon it will replace the conventional cellular phones. With smartphones like HTC Radar that runs on Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” you can easily capture photos or record videos and share it. “Mango” has been developed to be a people-centric operating system for smartphones, so sharing through social networks like Facebook or sending it through email is easy.

Windows 7 can also edit photos and videos, without the need of complicated third party software. I personally use Windows Live Photo Gallery to sort, organize and even edit and fine tune the photos of my family I took from my camera. I also use Windows Live Movie Maker to edit videos and create DVDs out of them or share them in Youtube. You could also create slideshows of your photos and flash them in a big screen whenever there is a gathering or family reunion, instead of showing them pictures in those bulky albums.

Why choose Microsoft?

Microsoft Windows is the most commonly used platform or Operating System here in the Philippines. Almost all people, regardless of social status, know how to operate and use Windows. Microsoft Windows 7 is so much easier to use compared to other platforms. Not only that, Microsoft Windows is very much compatible with most hardware, software and games available on the market today. You do not need to worry about compatibility issues, so you could bond better with your family and friends.

Share exciting moments in your life, stay connected and have a constant communication through Microsoft Windows! Do your work, keep in touch, have fun and play.

Note: This is a sponsored post Microsoft Philippines



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