KamaSutraLap: Different Positions You Can Do With Your Laptop

A lot of people now has a laptop, notebook or net book. People love notebooks because they are smaller, mobile, easy to carry. They can bring it anywhere and do their work or access Facebook, connect with friends while mall-ing and do all sorts of things.
Earlier this day I found an interesting illustration… The Kamasutralap!

Which position do you like when you do it with your notebooks? Come one don’t be shy… Admit it! Check out this illustration of laptop positions. I’m sure you have tried most of them.

There are 16 different positions above. So have you tried every position with your laptop? Did you miss anything? Which position do you like best? Do you know any positions that was not illustrated above?


One response to “KamaSutraLap: Different Positions You Can Do With Your Laptop”

  1. Hahahaha This is funny. I think I have tried all positions. Pero parang may kulang… 🙂

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