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Lightning’s Gear From Lightning Returns Revealed

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is the upcoming sequel to the popular Final Fantasy XIII-2 RPG game that is part of the Fabula Noca Crystallis: Final Fantasy Series. Lightning Returns is said to be the last chapter in the trilogy, and is expected to be released in 2013. Like in the first FF XIII, and as the title implies, Lightning is the main character or protagonist of the game. Just recently Lightning’s new look was revealed. See Lightning’s new gear below.


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Lightning has gone black and red this time. The shield on her left hand reminds me of Gundam, while the cape with red accent beneath reminds me of Vincent from FFVII. The armor on her arms and shoulder reminds me of the Dark Knight Dress Sphere from FFX-2.

Over all, Lightning really looks tougher in her new armor or gear. Based from the looks of Lightning’s new gear, I’m guessing that she will face more vicious monsters in Final Fantasy VIII-2. And since this is the last installment of the trilogy, it’s expected that it has lots of surprise installed for Final Fantasy lovers.

I’m a Final Fantasy fan, and I’m really looking forward and patiently waiting for this game to be released in 2013.



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