Ashley Gosiengfiao Cosplay Gallery

Ashley Arraiza Gosiengfiao is the sister of Alodia Gosiengfiao, the cosplay queen of the Philippines. Ashley, like her sister, is also a cosplayer. Aside from cosplaying, Ashley is also into sports, playing and creating music, singing, dancing, video/console gaming, designing and modeling. The Gosiengfiao sisters are really talented indeed.


When I hear the name “Ashley Gosiengfiao“, it’s not the cosplaying that first comes into my mind (although it is included) but photography. Ashley likes taking photos and she’s a photo enthusiast. If you have seen Ashley’s tumbler site and Deviantart , you will see some of Ashley’s photos, images, pictures, scenery that she took using her DSLR.

I like her photography, I’m no photo enthusiast but I can definitely appreciate her work. Ashley is also (one of) the official photographer of Alodia when she’s doing cosplay, modeling, into events and other activities.

Here are some of Ashley’s photo gallery and photos of herself.

Ashley Gosiengfiao is both beauty and talent in one person…



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