razer iphone controller

Make your iPhone a much better phone with these accessories

If you use your iPhone for gaming, there is a big chance that you experience dull and annoying moments on your playing, as your iPhone touch control isn’t working or your battery is fast draining and the audio is really not cooperating. There’s a quick solution on these iPhone gaming issues – third party iPhone accessories.Here is some of what you can get to keep your iPhone games playing undisturbed as well as smooth-sailing.

razer iphone controller

iCade 8-Bitty

If you’re addictive to Atari’s games, then you should have iCade 8-Bitty that when connected via Bluetooth to your iPhone, it will allow you to enjoy more than 100 classic Atari games as iCade works well in any app that supports your iPhone, which serves as a controller. You can also play casino apps as long as your iPhone supports it. iCade’s other benefit is MAME support which means you can play-all-you- can any emulated game as long as it’s on porter version and that’s a lot of playing experience courtesy of  this a must-have iPhone accessory.

Apple TV

Apple TV allows you to send any media on your iPhone to your television but it isn’t its best benefits. The best benefit is it allows you to play mobile games on your HDTV without lagging and with enhanced stereo. If you are an avid player of Metal Storm, Apple TV will transform you’ll iPhone into a controller and allow you enjoy a full-blown gaming experience ever in your HDTV.

Fling Mini

Fling Mini suction’s cup on your iPhone gives that extra grip on joysticks when you teamed up your iPhone to your iPad as you play on your own mobile console using your mobiles as controller. But, there’s more from Fling Mini; connect it to your Apple TV and you’ll have impromptu iDevice to enjoy your free time playing.

Zagg Caliber Advantage

Zagg Caliber has 2-in-1 benefits as it serves as a protective cover for your iPhone and a controller. If you’re always glued to your playing on your iPhone Zigg Caliber is one iPhone accessories that you shouldn’t miss. A little spending for Zagg Caliber is not bad as it does not draw life from your iPhone battery. It has its own lithium ion battery for recharging plus it really brings out that handheld gaming experience in console so you won’t miss your console gaming anymore.

Jawbone Jambox

Jawbone is expensive but it’s what you need when you want to take control on your game and have great audio when playing without headphones. With it on your iPhone, you can hear everything on your games. Beside giving audio solution to your mobile games; Jawbone Jambox is a sleek way to accessorize your iPhone. It’s tiny and it won’t mess your space and can add as a piece of decor to your home. If you’re not playing, use this sleek speaker as airplay speaker and enjoy your listening moments.

Battery Packs

Being out of the game just because your device dies out is something a dedicated gamer freaks out most. It’s also something you won’t want to happen when playing mobile casinos on your iPhone.  With battery pack on stand-by this certainly won’t happen as all you have to do is to hook up it up to your dying iPhone in the USB port and it will recharge it and keeps your gaming undisturbed. If you love playing while on trips, battery pack will let you enjoy it as much as you want.

iPhone is an awesome phone as it is however, a spiked one is much better. It could mean additional spending but if you did not care about the price of your iPhone then a little spending to make it a much better phone is something you too won’t care about.


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