media temple promo code 2013

Media Temple Promo Code for 2013 20% Off with Premium Hosting

Media Temple (mt) is one of the best Web Hosting company specially for WordPress based sites, and for managed VPS hosting solution. Media Temple provides reliable and solid hosting experience whether you have a business site or a simple portfolio site. Their Grid Hosting (Shared Hosting) starts at $20 per month, not as cheap compared to others but definitely reliable compared to those cheap shared hosting. Developers VPS starts at $30 and Managed VPS Hosting is $50 per month only. Before you sign up for a (mt) account, be sure to use the Media Temple promo codes below so that you won’t pay in full.


media temple promo code 2013

Media Temple Promo Code 2013

There are two promo codes that you can use when signing up for a Media Temple account. One code gives you 10% off on their Grid Hosting while the other one gives you 20% off. If you use the codes below, you will also get a certain amount discounted from a Managed VPS or from a Developer VPS account. Both codes cannot be used in Virb or DV Enterprise accounts.

10% Promo Code:

20% Promo Code:

Why Choose Media Temple Hosting

Media Temple (mt) provides highly reliable and powerful Grid hosting solution. The Grid Hosting is optimized for WordPress, comes with 100GB storage, 1TB bandwidth, and they use the latest PHP 5.5 with FastCGI and PageSpeed that makes your website load 6x faster. But if you out grew shared hosting, Media Temple provides managed VPS and Dedicated hosting as well.

One of the things that I like about Media Temple is that they don’t shut down your site/server when your site encounters traffic spikes or sudden increase in traffic. Rest assured that they will keep your site up and running. You won’t get this kind of service from a cheap hosting solution.

Media Temple offers 24/7/365 live support making sure that there is somebody to assist you all the time. Media Temple also supports other platform like Drupal and many more. They are not exclusive to WordPress alone. Try Media Temple today and be sure to use the promo codes above and so that you won’t pay in full.



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