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myhosting is one of the trusted web hosting provider since 1997. They offer services like web hosting, email hosting, VPS hosting and other solutions that are geared for growing sites and businesses. They provide full 24/7 full support to all their services and can be reached through email, phone call or live chat. They offer 99.99% to 100% up-time guarantee and offers a 30-day money back guarantee on their hosting plans.


If you have decided that myhosting is the right VPS web hosting company for you, then you’re in luck because they currently offer promotions from 20% off the price on their VPS plans, to 6 months free of VPS hosting. 6 months hosting is really a huge savings already.

With myhosting VPS plans, you can choose from Linux VPS plans or Windows VPS plans. Linux plans uses the Virtuozzo CentOS Linux while Windows VPS plans uses the Hyper-V Windows Server 2008 R2. The features varies of one type of plan to another. But whichever type of VPS plan you opt for, you can still get 20% off or the free months using the coupon codes below.

myhosting VPS plans offers 99.99% up-time guarantee and you will have full root access to the servers. This means more control over your projects and web sites.

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The VPS plans above are for regular type of VPS hosting. But if you are building your business, or you have an online business in the first place, it’s better for you to choose myhosting Business VPS instead. myhosting Business VPS Virtual Server Hosting is perfect for business-grade applications and by outsourcing your in-house servers, it allows you to grow without the crippling cost of fully dedicated web hosting servers. For Business VPS go here.



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