myphone a888 specs and price

MyPhone A888 – Another cheap 5-inch Quad Core Smartphone this 2013

MyPhone has been aggressive this year, and has been actively innovating their smartphone lineups to keep up with the demand of the people. According to sir_1128dave, a TipidCP forum member, MyPhone will be releasing the MyPhone A888 Android smartphone that is rumored to feature a huge 5-inch display, running on Android Jelly and is powered by a 1Ghz Quad Core processor. The best part of it, it’s rumored to be priced at only Php9,999.


UPDATE: Turns out that the rumors where incorrect. Instead MyPhone released A888 Duos, a dual SIM android ICs phone powered by a 1.5GHz dual core processor.
myphone a888 specs and price
According to the rumor, the MyPhone A888 specifications (initial) will feature:

  • 4G internet connection speed
  • Powered by a 1Ghz quad core processor
  • Will be running on Android Jelly Bean (version not stated)
  • Will have a huge 5-inch IPS LCD display (sweet!)
  • Will have a 12 megapixel rear facing camera with Auto focus
  • Will also have a 5 megapixel front facing camera
  • Full HD recoding 1080p capable
  • Powered by a 4000 mAh battery
  • Will most probably priced at Php 9,999

Based on the rumored specification, the MyPhone A888 looks like a flagship smartphone. Although the 5 megapixel front facing camera is a bit over kill for a front facing camera. According to the forum member, the information came from a reliable source plus the name A888 also appeared on MyPhone’s banner, but no official specifications were released.

If the price would only be around Php 10K, I doubt that this phone will have a good quality built. The camera quality may not be as good as other 8 megapixel camera that leading smartphones has.

The MyPhone A888 is reported to be released sometime in the first quarter of 2013. What do you think guys? Do you think this information is credible? If this is true, will you wait for this one to come out?

I’ll update this post or publish another article once new information about the MyPhone A888 comes out. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: I visited MyPhone’s site and yes, there is a MyPhone A888 model listed on their promo mechanics:

2.Promo is open to all customers who purchase selected MyPhone models* from all authorized dealers of MyPhone from October 15 2012 to January 15, 2013.
*Selected MyPhone models are: B88, B88+, B99, B16TV, B18TV, B88TV, Q18TV, QTW88TV, T18TV, T28TV, TW30TV, TW26TV, T29TV, A618, A818, A818 slim, A828, A848, A848i, A858, A868, A878, A888, A898, A919 and MyPad 2.



8 responses to “MyPhone A888 – Another cheap 5-inch Quad Core Smartphone this 2013”

  1. Myphone is a good brand for affordable phones here in Philippines. The specs are really good for just 10k php (which is more or less 250 usd?). But a 5 inch screen is very big. Well maybe it would be close to the Samsung galaxy s3, but it would look like a phablet XD.

    I hope it’s sturdy. My friend has a my phone (not sure what model but it’s a bar phone) and he still uses it until now without any problem (I believe it’s about a year old or two). We’re there photos of the phone or portotypes? Would like to see the benchmark of the phone and see how it competes against other smartphones.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Will. MyPhone are indeed affordable phones that has good and better quality compared to those very cheap “china-china” phones that explodes suddenly.
      Since they pass the quality standards it safe to assume that they have better quality.
      But I’m just worried how good is the A888 considering that it’s just around 10k. I hope MyPhone will send me one for review. Haven’t reviewed any MyPhones yet.

  2. I do hope it’ll be released this january … please update us more ^_^

    1. Sure, just drop me a line

  3. I think this will sell like hotcakes if the specs as stated above will be followed, the price at almost 10k is very affordable, i have to wait to see this phone and test it. i hope the internal storage- and the RAM is above 1 gig for faster execution of apps

  4. please revise the title. it’s not quad core.

    1. Hi Gerome this was published before the official unveiling of MyPhone A888 Duos, which was done recently. It was a rumor first. I’ll post an update and separate article for the MyPhone 888 Duos.

  5. MyPhone this is not China phones. This is idea from Europe, this is Polish company, just production like many companies in China. All thing, all Idea is rom Poland and Czech Republic.

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