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Myrtle Sarrosa – What you need to know about her

First of all, you might be wondering why on Earth am I having a Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4 article on this blog? Well since I do blog about Anime and Cosplays here, today I am going to feature a PBB Teen Edition 4 contestant. A cosplayer, just like our Cosplay QueenAlodia Gosiengfiao. Everybody meet Myrtle Sarrosa, or simply Myrtle.


myrtle pbb teen edition 4

So what do we really need to know about Myrtle? First of all her full name is Myrtle Abigail Porlucas Sarrosa. She’s 18 years old and a cute cosplayer from Ilo-Ilo City.

Myrtle Sarrosa was born on December 7, 1994, she’s a Filipina and yes she is currently single guys! She is also a Sangguniang Kabataan President at their place. Currently she is a student of University of the Philippines in Visayas.

pinoy big brother teen edition season 4Obviously Myrtle likes cosplaying and watching Anime. She is also interested in wrestling and football.

Her favorite Anime series are High School of the Dead and Death Note. Hmmm you might have an idea what genre of anime she likes already, mysterious and bloody. She also likes to watch WWE RAW.

Her favorite showbiz personalities are Gerald Anderson, Matt Dalas, Daniel Padilla, Kim Chui, Cristine Reyes and.. guess who… non other than Alodia Gosiengfiao herself.

Hmm.. I wonder if Myrtle already met Alodia before. If not, this might be her opportunity to met her soon.

Myrtle is very popular amongst the boys in Big Brother’s house. There were actually three boys who wanted to date her during their acquaintance party. But she chose Ryan instead.

It’s just a few days only since the PBB Teen Edition started, but there are already many “Myrtle Sarrosa Fanpages” popping out on Facebook. I am not sure which one is the official page. But I’m pretty sure Myrtle did not create those since she is still inside Big Brother’s house.

Her popularity suddenly increased, if Myrtle could make it in the Big Four, which I am hoping she would, she might probably surpass Alodia’s popularity. What do you think?

More photos of Myrtle can be seen in my Myrtle Sarrosa Cosplay Gallery.



17 responses to “Myrtle Sarrosa – What you need to know about her”

  1. Rey Xxiv Avatar
    Rey Xxiv

    luv your character myrtle

  2. Jhonnafernandez410 Avatar

    hi marthle

  3. Markhatan Avatar

    wer”” the same pla…

  4. Clara_gallardo Avatar

    Kala ko ba 17 lang si Myrtle?

  5. Smilyring_2011 Avatar

    Hello Myrtle idol na idol kita at lahat ng kabataan kasi napakahusay mo,matalino,maunawain,madaling malapitan,maganda,sexy,generous.

  6. Ennaoj16 Avatar

    she looks like erich gonzales…the way she act..keep it up..God bless!

  7. Cheryl Avatar

    Go ate mrylte kayang kaya mo yan hehehhehe number 1 fun mo pla ako sa coastplay I LOVE U keep it up <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  8. Cherry86_apal Avatar


  9. Myrtle's Number One Fan Avatar
    Myrtle’s Number One Fan

    Myrtle, I believe your passion for Anime is really cool. I find you very attractive and I would be very much pleased to meet you. Tonight will be the Big Night and I’ll be rooting for you. I have voted for you since Day 1 and I’ll continue to vote up until later. I also believe there is nothing wrong with what you do inside Big Bro’s house. I also have the heart of a leader and I admire you for that, so don’t worry. I also think your convictions are strong enough to withstand anything. Do not lose hope. We (your fans) are here for you. I am as well, for I think I am the biggest fan of yours.

  10. Hartinamondoc Avatar

    hello myrtle idol talaga kita………..sana magkatuluyan keu ni eves..hehehe

  11. Maryroseybanez98 Avatar

    idol talaga kita…………….i like the you wear your costum

  12. Maryroseybanez98 Avatar

    like you!!!!!!!!!!…and the way you wear your cotume……..

  13. Maryroseybanez98 Avatar

    i like the way you wear your costume…..i like it talaga…..
    grave!!!!!!!!! ………… . . . . . . ………………………… …….

  14. Maryroseybanez98 Avatar


  15. mary rose yg. ybañez Avatar
    mary rose yg. ybañez

    like you talaga………idol

  16. Mark Anthony Serrano Avatar
    Mark Anthony Serrano

    .ganda tlaga ni ms.sarrosa

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