Naruto 599 Spoiler: It’s finally revealed! His name is Obito!

Naruto 599 is up next and I’m pretty sure a lot of fans are revved up and are very excited that finally Tobi’s face will be revealed! The previous chapter was epic! But my big question is will we finally see Tobi’s face in Naruto 599? Is it really Obito?


UPDATE: Naruto chapter 599 is now available. This chapter is entitled Obito Uchiha! Since Kishi featured Obito in this chapter, this could mean that Tobi is really Obito! Find out in this chapter. You can begin reading this chapter on popular manga sites.

Image by Kishi, Colored by Deviant artist: MaRaYu9

During the last chapter, Naruto fought Tobi with Kakashi, Guy and Bee. Tobi underestimated their abilities, specially Kakashi’s, since he believes that his eye was only borrowed, and that his eye’s power is more powerful than his. Hmmm… If his Sharingan eye was not borrowed, does that mean that he’s really Obito?

In this article “”Naruto 599 spoiler“” let me share to you what I think will happen next. Kishi was damn good at spoiling our fun and made us wait for another week to finally reveal Tobi’s identity. We were so close, Naruto finally smashed his mask off. Now, below are my predictions for Naruto 599.

Naryto 599 Predictions:

  1. Tobi’s identity will finally be revealed and we’ll learn that he is really Kakahi’s long lost friend, Obito.
  2. Naruto smashed Tobi’s mask real hard that his face was badly beaten and became unrecognizable!
  3. Tobi would cover his face immediately and vanishes somewhere and comes back with a new mask. Damn, were did that mask come from?!
  4. Kishi would probably troll us and extend our agony by shifting the story back to Madara and the Kages or probably it will be a flashback of Tobi’s life! Noooo!
  5. Or worst, there would be no Naruto 599 next since they will be on a break again!

I really hope Kishi would finally reveal who Tobi really is in Naruto 599. Because that is one big question and one big mystery that everybody is anxiously waiting for an answer. People are even more concern on Tobi’s identity and if he really is Obito, than how can they defeat the all powerful and immortal Madara. Anyway that Sasuke’s mission anyway.

I’ll post update on my other article here: Naruto chapter 599 – Tobi’s identity revealed!



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