Naruto 600 Spoiler: Why did Obito changed? (Chapter Now Released)

Naruto 600 is up next, and this is the chapter that we all thought would be an epic chapter, were Kishi would finally reveal who Tobi really is. To our surprise, Kishi revealed Tobi’s identity in the last page of the previous chapter, and it was Obito all along. Naruto 600 spoiler below…


UPDATE: Naruto chapter 600 is now available. This chapter is entitled “”How come until now…?”” So Obito returned and became mad because Kakashi took Rin for himself… Just kidding. Read the chapter online to find out what happened.

Image credits: Original artist Kishimoto, colored by Deviant artist Tremblaxx

Naruto 600 Spoiler

When I first saw the title of the previous chapter, I said to myself “”Tobi is really Obito“”, otherwise why would Kishi feature Obito all of a sudden. Then I was right, at the end of the chapter Tobi’s mask was destroyed by Naruto and revealed his face, OBITO?!

I currently do not have Naruto 600 spoiler right now but below are my thoughts about what had happened recently.

Many Naruto fans guessed that Tobi is really Obito. Now that we knew he is really Obito, many fans are disappointed that Tobi is Obito. There are also speculations that it can’t be Obito because there is a time gap, or something like that, when in fact there is non. Tobi/Obito is just the same age as Kakashi, before and now.

The next big question here is, is he “”really”” Obito? I mean the real one and not a clone or something? If he is, why did Obito changed?

My guess is, he might have a good intentions like Nagato used to have, but his method or way of achieving his “”good intentions”” were bad. That was the same case with Nagato before. His intentions was generally good if you look at it. But his method turns out to be bad and Naruto had a hard time convincing Nagato to become good again, thanks to Jaiyra’s teachings. Anyway, those are my thoughts. What do you think guys?

About Obito’s damaged face. Remember the time Sasuke used Amaterasu on Tobi? Part of his face was burnt right? and he immediately appeared again with a new mask. My guess is, it’s either a scar of the past were his face was crushed by a boulder, or it was due to Sasuke’s Amaterasu.

I just hope that in Naruto 600, Kishi would continue revealing Tobi’s identity and really confirm that he is Obito. Hopefully we will get our questions answered as to why Obito changed in Naruto chapter 600.

I’ll try to post Naruto 600 spoiler once they become available. I’ll post update when the chapter comes out in my article here: Naruto Chapter 600



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