Naruto 601 Spoiler: Did Madara Brainwashed Obito?

Naruto 601 Spoiler is currently unavailable, but they will come out soon, usually its 1 day before the chapter is released. Meanwhile let me share to you my thoughts on the previous chapter and my Naruto 601 predictions.


UPDATE: Naruto chapter 601 is now available. You can begin reading this chapter on popular manga sites online.

Image credits: Original art work by Masashi Kishimoto, Colored by Deviant artist Masteramin

The previous chapter confirms to us that Tobi is really Obito, but it did not tell us how he survived from being crushed by a huge boulder. Based on what happened to Obito when they were still young, half of his body was crushed by a huge boulder and we all knew that. Plus he gave his other eye to Kakashi as a gift. How in the world did Obito survived that? Even if somebody came and pull him out of that place, it would be impossible for him to survive.

The previous chapter also tells us that Obito was mad because Kakashi let Rin die. So he came back from the dead to avenge Rin’s death? So that’s why Obito turned bad and he wanted to destroy the current world with his plans. Turns out that there are no good intentions behind Obito’s plan after all.

During Naruto’s fight with Obito, Madara suddenly showed up out of nowhere. Madara joins the fight. If Madara is there, does that mean he already finished the five Kages? What happened to the Kages then?

Naruto 601 Spoiler and Prediction

Here are my predictions first:
1. Perhaps the one that arrive in the battle ground is a clone of Madara, otherwise that would mean that Madara had already finished off the 5 Kages.

2. Obito and Madara Uchiha appeared, only one Uchiha is missing and that’s Sasuke. Sasuke will also join the battle and hopefully he was a way on how to defeat Madara.

3. In Naruto 601, details on how Obito survived and how is he connected with Madara will be revealed.

Naruto 601 spoiler

According to Kishi, we are heading towards the final climax of the story. This is getting fired up already. Right now I do not have an official Naruto 601 spoiler since it will be released, usually, one day before the chapter is released. I’ll try to find and post Naruto 601 spoiler here, but definitely I’ll update you when the chapter is released here: Naruto Chapter 601: Obito and Madara Uchiha



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