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Will Hashirama Do What Madara Told Him? – Naruto 624 Review: Aiko

Naruto chapter 624 was recently released. In this chapter we saw how the never ending battle between Hashirama vs Madara begun. Their friendship ended the moment that their clan took advantage of the meeting, and marks the beginning of their unending battle, even in their after life. For Madara to trust their clan and end the war, Hashirama must take the life of his brother or take his own life. Only then will Madara trust his clan. Will Hashirama kill Tobirama or himself? Please continue reading below.


naruto 624 chapter review Image credit: Original artist Masashi Kishimoto, colored by Deviant artist Toroi-san

Naruto 624 Review: Aiko

Naruto chapter 624 is entitled Aiko. This chapter is a continuation of the previous chapter where both the clans of Madara and Hashirama set a trap during their usual meeting. Hashirama’s father and his brother (Tobirama) was there to take advantage of the situation. Surprisingly, Madara’s father and brother (Izuna) also had the same plan.

Tobirama and Izuna almost died during that battle if it wasn’t for Hashirama and Madara. But since the, their never ending battle begun. Madara also awakened his Sharingan, due to the deaths of his other brothers. That was level one of Madara being drowned into anger and hatred.

As time pass by, their battle continues day and night. A never ending battle between the clan, and Hashirama and Madara themselves. Nevertheless, Hashirama still thinks that there is still a chance for them to make terms and live peacefully. Even some of the Uchiha clan members are already tired of the never ending battle between their clans.

But Madara is different, as time pass by, his anger and hatred grew. It reached its peak when Izuna died and achieved Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. But even though Madara has a new power, Hashirama is still stronger than him.

[box type=”info” ]By the way, Izuna died after Tobirama struck him with his Hiraishingiri. And according to Madara, Izuna left this “strength” to him. By that he meant his eyes. Well I thought that Madara was the one who killed Izuna by getting Izuna’s eye, in order for him to achieve Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. Well, which version is correct?[/box]

Anyway, moving on, the time came when Madara was to tired and fell down for the first time. Tobirama was about to take his life but Hashirama stopped him. Again, he tried to make peace with Madara, but he was too stubborn. Madara told him that in order for him to trust his clan, he must kill his brother or kill himself. Then Naruto chapter 624 ends…

Will Hashirama Kill Himself?

One big question that you might be asking after reading Naruto 624 manga chapter is, will Hashirama listen to Madara’s request and kill Tobirama or himself? Well we know for a fact that Tobirama became the second Hokage, so this means that Hashirama will not take the life of his brother.

Second, Hashirama didn’t die during that time either. If he did, then he would never became the first Hokage of Konohagakure, right? So they must have done something different. Also according to history, Hashirama killed Madara. But that’s not true either since we saw an old Madara, who save Tobi and made him what he is right now.

So what really happened? That’s what we are going to find out in Naruto chapter 625…



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