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Why Did Madara Turned Evil? – Naruto 625 Review

Naruto 625 was recently released. Naruto chapter 625 is entitled “The Real Dream“. In this chapter we saw how Hashirama and Madara come into terms and later founded the Konohagakure. For the first time, there was peace between the Uchiha and Senju clan. And other clans started to join and follow them as well. But this peace did not last long when Madara turned evil, again. Why did he turned evil? Please continue reading below.


naruto 625 reviewImage credit: Original artist Masashi Kishimoto, colored by Deviant artist NaionMikato

Naruto 625 Review: The Real Dream of Madara

Hashirama convinced Madara somehow by sacrificing his own life just to make peace. When he was about to stab himself, Madara stopped him by grabbing his arms. After Madawa saw Hashirama’s guts, the two clans (Uchiha and Senju) are at peace at last. They then started building a village, which surprisingly grew fast due to the many support from other clans are well.

Hashirama suggested that Madara should become the first Hokage, but he was not so sure about that. The chapter also revealed to us that it was Madara who gave the name to the village “Konohagakure” which literally means, “The Village Hidden Behind The Leaf“. But we already knew that.

Tobirama, Hashirama’s brother, didn’t like the idea that Madara would be the first Hokage. There is much anger and hatred in Madara according to him. I thinks that’s how the other clan members and villagers think about Madara. Secretly Madara was listening to the conversation of Hashirama and Tobirama. After that Hashirama decided to use democracy, and he became the first Hokage. Things were almost good, but this is where Madara restarted their never ending battle.

I think there’s something in the stone that Madara is not telling with Hashirama. The inscription is just a plane logic that applies to anything. But using an eye technique you can see what the hidden message is. Madara was about to tell that to Hashirama when he said “There is another interpretation” But he immediately changed the topic.

Through the stones, a secret message, Madara has found another path. With the addition of the hatred that he was keeping since childhood, plus the people from Uchiha no longer trust him, it made Madara went bad. This time, really bad… evil. Perhaps the momentary peace that he showed was just a facade, to honor Hashirama’s guts. His last words were “While I walk towards my real dream, I’ll enjoy fighting with you.” I think the path the he is referring to is power. And I’m sure this lead him to his ultimate plan, the “Eye of the Moon“.



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