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Naruto 627 Review: 4 Strongest Zombies, 3 Monsters and 1 Idiot – An Epic Chapter!

Naruto chapter 627 was recently released. What else can I say about this chapter? Totally F*k’n Epic! The last few scenes almost made my tears fell from my eyes. Alright, good thing that Sasuke made the right decision. It’s a good thing that he was able to realize the importance of the village and he must do whatever it takes to protect it. Watch out Madara cause 4 strongest zombies, 3 monsters and 1 idiot are coming to kick your ass. And oh yeah, lets not forget the cowardly Suigetsu who is trying to escape. Please continue reading my Naruto 627 review below.


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Naruto 627 Review

Naruto 627 is entitled “Sasuke’s Answer“. In this chapter Sasuke finally gave his answer and made a very big decision that will change everything and make things a bit harder for Madara to accomplish his plan.

Hashirama finished story telling, somehow Sasuke was able to understand Hashirama’s feelings and point of view. Sasuke was still a little bit skeptical after hearing the story. So the other 3 hokage backed up Hashirama’s answer with their own experiences during their time as Hokage.

Little by little Sasuke was able to understand the whole thing and why is it important to protect the village. Little by little he was able to see why everyone else is trying to protect the village, the village that he is trying to destroy.

But I think the one who really convinced Sasuke to do the right thing and protect the village, is none other than his dear brother Itachi. Itachi’s last words were the only thing that Sasuke was thinking about during the most critical decision he has to make.

I loved what Sasuke said after; “I’m going to the Battlefield… I won’t let this village.. and my brother.. be wasted!” After that, I already have an idea what will happen next. Their going to war and this will be epic! Suigetsu was funny while being a coward – “4 strongest zombies, 3 monsters and an idiot”.

This is going to be great! After this chapter, we will see the four previous Hokage in action. Madara will face Hashirama again. Naruto will have a change to meet his father Minato (Fourth Hokage). Plus Naruto will finally meet Sasuke again. The succeeding chapters are definitely going to be big and a must read for all of us.

What I am curious to see is what will Naruto’s reaction be when he sees Sasuke. Will they become friends again? Or are we still going to see Naruto and Sasuke fight after Madara and Obito’s butts gets kicked out permanently.

I can’t wait anymore for the succeeding chapters to be released already. I just hope they won’t go on the week break until they finish this whole thing and see Madara and his Juubi gone for good.



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    ayakagin kazetsubaki

    really love this chapter…soooo memorable!! the battle begins !!!

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