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Naruto 635 – A New Wind (Released)

Naruto 635 is expected to be released this coming Tuesday or Wednesday, third week of June. In this chapter the battle continues. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura were successful in doing the three-way Kichuyose deadlock, by unleashing their respective Kuchiyose no Jutso. Sakura was able to use the same healing power that Tsunade was using, and healed the injured Shinobi. Meanwhile Naruto and Sasuke made a perfectly executed unison raid by combining both Naruto’s Rasenshureken with Sasuke’s black flaming arrow to strike the Juubi’s main body. Minato called the attack Shakuton-Kourin Shippuu Shikkoku No Ya Zeroshiki. But did they destroyed the Juubi with that attack? And what is Orochimaru doing where Tsunade and the other Hokage were defeated? Let’s find that out in Naruto 635.


UPDATE: Naruto 635 was recently released. Naruto chapter 635 is entitled “A New Wind”. Orochimaru came to rescue Tsunade and the rest of the Kage. Tsunade is really weak, and supposed to be dead considering that her body was split in to two parts. What the?! Did Kakashi just died? Anyway you can read the chapter on popular manga sites online.

naruto 635Image credit: Original artist Masashi Kishimoto, colored by Deviant artist IITheYahikoDarkII


Naruto 635 Prediction

Naruto and Sasuke’s unison raid had a very long name. Minato came up with the name but he immediately think that it was a silly name. Here’s the equation to Naruto and Sasuke’s unison raid attack:

Naruto’s Fuuton-Chou Oodama Rasenshuriken + Sasuke’s Enton-Susanoo Kagetsuchi = Shakuton-Kourin Shippuu Shikkoku No Ya Zeroshiki which literally means Scorch Element – Swirling Gale of Light and Black Arrow or Spiraling Light Storm Pitch Black Arrow Mark Zero. Depending on the translator…

Sasuke’s black flame will burn anything on its path. Most probably it will burn the Juubi. But we don’t know for sure if it will really defeat the Juubi with that attack. We haven’t seen Madara’s reaction to that move. And we haven’t seen the Edo-Hokages fight either. Probably the Juubi will split its body to survive the attack. Or the smaller Juubis will combine to form a new large one.

But one thing is for sure, it’s not over yet and we will see more action in the following chapters to come.

Orochimaru, together with Suigestu and Karin, arrived where Tsunade and the other Hokage were defeated. I’m not sure what is Orochimaru’s real intention, but perhaps he is just there to lend a hand and help Tsunade and the other Hokage. Tsunade was really in bad shape and was badly beaten by Madara during their encounter. I thought she was a goner. I just hope Orochimaru will really help Tsunade since they were once friends and belonged to the same team.

Naruto 635 Spoiler

I’ll post a confirmed naruto 635 spoiler if ever I spotted one or if someone will contribute one. I’m not really sure if spoilers are still being leaked nowadays. But stay tuned, cause I’ll be updating this post once a spoiler comes out or when Naruto 635 manga chapter is released.



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